Procrastination or Am I Missing Something

So nearing the end of the day I got quite a bit accomplished but I still feel like I’m constantly lacking on something. And that something is… My YouTube channel.

The Power of Writing Things Down

Oddly enough I didn’t realize that statement until I wrote it down. I suppose that’s why I’ve slowly become a huge supporter/advocate for having a thought log (literally a journal). Because if you’re anything like me, attempting to piece your words or thoughts together is an extremely difficult task.

I used to think that “journaling” or “writing in a diary” was something stupid to do. But after years and years of struggling with mental health, this had definitely had a significant role in helping me become better with self care. Writing things down helps you to actually conceptualize the thoughts that are floating around in your head. 

Once they are brought down to this tangible level it becomes easier to analyze your thoughts and let’s you think rationally and as result your feelings react accordingly. (Like if you’ve ever got cheesed for no reason and you can’t understand why, write it down –> this allows you to step back and analyze the situation to understand why you got cheesed in the first place and your emotions will adjust accordingly to how you now view the situation). So at a high birdseye view I need this is the basis of cognitive behavioral therapy. But I am not a professional by any means so it’s deeper than that. But I think this is what it is by my current perspective. I’d like to attempt to learn more but we shall see.

The Point Of All This

So despite my ramblings what am I trying to say here? Well after analyzing my own thoughts I think that the reason I’m not satisfied with my day is because I’m broke (lol jks I mean this plays a factor) but the main reason is because I’m lacking that one thing. 

Lacking Your One Thing

So as cheesy as this sounds it’s called your one thing by Steve Olsher? (He wrote “What is Your What”) but essentially it’s called many things; your life passion, mantra, reason. But it’s essentially your drive. It’s what pulls you in the morning. What makes you move. We can get all poetic about it like many authors do. But to me it’s plain or simple ambition. It’s something you strive to want more than anything in the world. 

It just so happens that we live in a world where cash is King so you need to be creative enough to figure out how your passion can generate an income. Fortunately were in the 21st century and opportunities seem plentiful we just need to figure out what the heck we want. So my thoughts are, pick something you enjoy and be consistent in it. For me that’s YouTube. I really enjoy filming and editing and I think because I didn’t do that today I feel incomplete. And on top of that I think subconsciously I’ve linked both the YouTube and LIMITLESS together. So by not doing both I feel like I’m failing each one.

Writing this down allows me to see that logically this doesn’t make sense to feel down about both issues. So what does that mean? I guess do what you can with what you have. So essentially if you’re short on time, if you’re short on resources, create your mvp (minimum viable product) because as Rachel always says “done is better than perfect”

I guess that’s the good thing of this post is that at least something was created. And that is a good thing. These can be notes that could contribute towards a larger redwood piece. But until then I’ll see you guys in the next one 😉


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