2017-12-11 Just Keeping it Going!

Just Keeping it Going

This is just another sad attempt at building habits lol. I believe it’s restarted so today is day two. But it’ll all be good. It’s a slow process but the posts will hopefully become better.

Hercules App

This is just a quick one because I started working out again today and I forgot I downloaded this app it’s amazing. It’s called Hercules. I can probably do a more in-depth¬†review of the app at a later date but for now this I just need to tell you this app is amazing. If you know anything about me, I’ve always attempted to be money conscious aka slightly cheap and I would never usually purchase an app. But the software developer that worked on this app just know exactly what they are doing.

Hercules is a bodybuilding app that lets you put in your own workouts, tracks your progress and gives you update on your growth. That’s a pretty typical workout app. But I think it may be the user interface. The colors, or just the simple fact that there is a timer makes me really like this app.

Just as a heads up I mean I didn’t pay out of pocket for it but when I used the google rewards surveys they gave you a few cents for every survey you filled out and by the time I discovered this app (well actually my housemate showed it to me) I had collected about $15 and I spent it on this. And this is by far the best purchase I’ve made for my workout/fitness attempt. lol

That’s all I wanted to say for now.


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