2017-12-14 Odin Coffee Haus

So over the summer, Rachel and I have been going all to coffeeshops all over Toronto and this one has become one of my favourites. When Rachel went to Asia, this pretty much became my second home lol. Anyways I’ve been wanting to write a review of the place but honestly have no idea how. So I thought why not just start, give it a shot. And I can always create a page when I think I have enough information on it. So let’s go over why I think its great first

The Environment

The decorations in here, the music, and staff just feel homey. I love that I just feel extremely welcomed when I walk in. Also, the fact that the walls are literally windows makes it such a great place to do work. It’s always bright in here (also perfect for picture lighting lol if u into that). But everything is great. Chairs are comfy. Usually, sit on one of the three tables that are available but if you’re a sit-stand type of person there are two and a half bar stool type seating areas. So in total, there can be about fourteen comfortable workstations. double that if you want to cram and are not concerned about people’s personal bubble but its enough.

The Wifi

Good enough is good enough. lol they have wifi here and its good. Fast enough, haven’t tried uploading a video here yet. Wait second I think I have so, yup you can upload videos here and that’s good. lol.

Ask the baristas for the password.


This is key to each coffee shop I hit up! There’s enough. It’s not plentiful but there are enough to go around. The three tables at the bottom have two outlet sets. and the bar seating has 2 outlet sets on each pillar so four outlets for each bar table thing.

Food Pricing

I usually grab just a regular black coffee wherever I go but this place is legit so they dont have that i suppose lol. So I just grab a black americano here. Rach likes the mocha here and I think together its about $8? so after I tip and everything i think its usually 9 and some change. So that’s like on the cusp of the higher priced coffee shops. Like 2-3 levels higher than starbucks. Food is also pricey but I mean you’re entering downtown and that happens.



We went to restaurant across teh street (Impact Kitchen) that place is hella expensive. and the food is what it looks like. A bowl. lol. It’s good but I can’t put that value on it. I would just eat at Odin its cheaper and the food we’ve had here has been good


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