2017-12-16 Tokyo Smoke First Impressions

What’s good fomily!

So I found a really pretty and stylistic looking coffee shop. I guess the only downside to regular people is that it’s actually located inside a smoke shop. I mean it doesn’t smell like smoke or anything but I know people have a negative stigma towards that. But honestly it’s beautiful in here.

Tokyo Smoke

I still haven’t mastered the art of taking pictures in public places lol I always fell hella awkward. But this place is pretty dope to do work (lol pun unintended). I don’t think they sell weed in here because I definitely don’t smell it. I don’t smoke but if you do they have lots of beautifully designed tools and things you can use. and I honestly just want to buy stuff because they are so well crafted.

Anyways as for the coffee shop in itself its very pretty. They have all the basic coffee shop stuff: drip coffee, americanos, matcha, and all the basic stuff. The coffee tasts good. I grabbed an americano I think it was 3.50. I can’t necessarily I felt the most welcome but I’m also hella awkward so that could be an effect because they seem nice to everyone else lol.

But let’s go over my metrics.

The Environment

It’s chill, you feel like in a working or chill mood when you walk in. It’s a very chill coffee shop vibe. But very well lit. The decoration is modern and all the smoking tools make for very pretty decoration which is really cool because in my mind they usually look dirty lol. But its a very clean shop. And very good working coffee shop.

There’s a decent amount of seating, a long side booth with maybe 6-7 tables at the front so  that seats approximately 14 people? and then the back has a couch and then a communal work table that seats about 10. So all in all everything is pretty well spaced out.

The Wifi

While I wouldn’t say it’s the fastest it’s definitely functional. You can stream YouTube and work on Google Drive which is pretty much all I need. It seemed pretty slow in the beginning but it’s all good now. No password required you can just log in via email, facebook, google or it also gives you a yelp login option. I would love to do work here again just because its really well lit and the outlets are like right on the table for the communal area.

The Outlets

The front doesn’t seem plentiful but having outlets on the table for me is so key! I really like that the outlets are right there and easy to reach. The communal table that seats ten has 4 outlets on the table and 4 USB slots to charge your phone. And then maybe one extra free outlet on the wall because the other one is taken up by the table. The front has maybe 2 outlets for the bar seating but that’s about it.


So, all in all, it seems pretty good. The pricing is pretty average for all Toronto coffee shops. I don’t know much about the tools and items but for coffee shops it’s pretty worth. It’s that 1-2 levels above starbucks pricing but worth it when you want a change up in environment.

I’d come here again.



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