2017-12-19 Why do we need more Money

It may be something with the human race or something with our society but I feel like the majourity of us feel like we never have enough. Whether it’s in the basis of enough food, enough water, or simply enough stuff. When you boil it all down we feel like we never have enough of anything and that our immediate solution for it all is we need more money.

Don’t get me wrong I’d be so down for more money, but I feel like there something deeper than that. How is it that our ancestors our people around the world who may have little to nothing still be happy without the requirement of an excessive amount of money. I guess this question would pull on some thoughts of mindfulness and precense but to live better it just seems alot easier with money. I’ve read alot of books and blogs and they’re all about finding happiness within but to be honest with you, how the hell do you find happiness when it feels like debt will drown you. When you can barely afford to eat and the world feels like it’s teaming up against you. The simple answer they have is to try. 

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