2017-12-20 Gold stuck but man’s struck out

Like why do I loaft on putting up pictures when everything I do post up is waste anyways. In reality having poop pictures shouldn’t be that big of an issue because all my blog posts are poop. But for some reason I think this is different.

This is an issue that perceeds me. But whatever, since we’re here we might as well recap the coffee shop I hit up today…

DYLANKYANG - Coffee 2017-12-20 Gold stuck but man's struck out 5

Goldstruck Cafe

This place is bomb!!! But i suppose the issue that I have today stems from the fact that this place is so orange. I mean it makes sense since the place is called goldstruck but man the yellowness of the lights make it extremely difficult to take pictures. I mean even with light room it just doesn’t match all the other pictures that would be taken.

Don’t get me wrong the coffee was great, the place smelt delicious (they freshly baked cookies) and there were nuff outlets! This is a dream come true all things considered so here’s the break down.


It wasn’t super expensive but definitely one or two levels above Starbucks. I think an Americano, hot chocolate and a chocolate chip cookie was about$12? So that’s like the average price you expect to pay, especially in Yrkville. And everything tasted like it exceeded my expectations so that a good thing.

I think the selection is just basic coffee shop. And that’s all you need.

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