2017-Dec-01 Random thoughts and projects

So it’s been a minute but since rach has been back I have the drive to finally put work back in. So whether or not there’s people reading this. Just know that there’s going to be more to come (hopefully at least.) I have LIMITLESS by my side so if I designed it properly lol hopefully I’ll be putting up goals and following thru. First project now that all the planners have been sent out is to revamp my old ass website and start hustling. I’m broke and need money so whatever I can sell at my house and whatever websites I can sell I gotta do it. I’m still heavily invested on developing my brand and YouTube so even though I need to do a bunch of stuff to survive I know the main thing is to focus on my hustle. Focus on my art? Lol sounding all fake inspirational now. But I just want to be able to create content I want to make stuff and make stuff happen. So even this post is just hot air, it’s the first step to action so thanks for sticking with it. Besides revamping the website here’s a hint at my first project I wanna setup. Comment down below if u think u know what it is lol.

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