It’s been awhile since I’ve written in my blog. I think I got tripped out about seeing comments chirping on about grammar. But honestly I do it cause I enjoy writing, not because I’m the best writer but that I have these thoughts going on in my head that need to find a way out somehow. So to those comments…. #^CK 7*%! lol. It’s all good, we’ll try our best to improve my writing but it’s not the priority. The priority is to keep me sane, and to constantly be creating content.

What’s Been Happeninh?

I usually have no idea what to say to the question:

So what do you do?

Or what have you been p to? What do you do for money? Man I don’t know. I don’t have a “real” job. I haven’t had bare blls in my bank account. I’m barely getting by. But I never had an answer. We’ll the truth is I never really asked myself. I’ve just been kinda loafting is what I say. But it feels as if I’ve been doing work the past while, I just have nothing to show for it.
So after thinking about this question after being asked like amillion times, I think I’ve found my answer.
I’ve been working on my mental health
I mean that’s the truth. No you don’t have to leave your job to do this. But I needed to, to understand the thoughts gooing on in my head. I enjoy getting multiple things done, but the truth is that I’m by no means a multitasker. Some people like to watch tv while they eat. I just can’t. The food either gets cold or I need to start the show over again. It’s one or the other with me. #NotAMultiTasker. Anyways… What the hell am I trying to say here?
I’m not sure why when I’m asked what I do for money bugs me. I mean it’s probbly just how it’s worded or brought up in conversation. I think I should be able to talk about mental health.
I mean I always felt like a downer if I even brought it up around my close friends but I mean in reality they all cared so, if people that don’t care about me are trying to pree into my life, I’ll give em the real shit. I don’t understand why I’ve been trying to hide it

So No… I don’t have a job

But I’m okay with being self-un-employed. I’m figuring life out. I am justtrying to be the best version of myself. If I need to cop a job I will. but for now if Limitless can pull in some money. If you guys continue copping stuff on Amazon with my affiliate links. I should be alright. I’ve always been a hustler so as long as I got a couple bucks a month I’ll always find away to make ends meet.

The Hustle is Real

So enough with the unnecessary and possibly un-understandable rannt. The other thing besides writing my thoughts that I enjoy doing for free is creating videos! I really enjoy filming things that I find interesting or has information and I like to edit them and post them on YouTube, so that’s what I’m going to continue on doing.

What Did I Do on YouTube Last?

I finally posted a YouTube video yesterday after a two week hiatus. I was really dissapointed when I couldn’t get the footage froom the Karl Conrad event but nontheless I’m here now.

Done is better than perfect!

So the topic that first came to my head was that if I was back in school the shit that helped me the most was apps and reforming my life. I never learned how to study or live life really loool until fifth year. So how I got myself together was CBT, putting my mental health first and trying different techniques of studying.I’ll link that post/video here.
Anyways, we just been chilling. I’m nt sure what the next topic I want to film would be but I just want to keep on doing it. So if ya’ll have any ideas DM me on Insta. Im thiinking about all the tools I use since I’m on the go pretty much all the time. As long as I keep doing this I’m cool with it. So let;s just put in some werk.

I’ll Catch You In The Next One

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