This cafe is in a cute little spot on the corner of Avenue Road and Webster Avenue. Their Instagram says they are sister owned and operated, which makes you feel happy to support a locally owned businesses! It’s definitely got the cute Instagram vibe that people strive to get on their feeds but most importantly, this has been a go-to spot for us to get work done whenever we need to travel down to the Yorkville vicinity.

I’m not quite sure what the best approach to display my thoughts about cafes are, but I used to be the biggest fan of Consumer Report Magazine. So I’ll try my best to start reviewing cafes in this matter. I can’t think of all the factors I’ll compare them on but I’ll just being winging the metrics. Hit me up in the comments on DM’s if you got any recommendations! Nonetheless, let’s get into it! 😀

Da Boo's Rating on 5 Elements

Regular toronto prices
Lower floor outlets are evenly spaced
Free: Decent | May drop connection outside sometimes
Super cute
Yes: 2 small, generally clean, unisex bathrooms

A Lil History Behind: 5 Elements

From what I’ve researched and seen on Instagram this spot used to be occupied by a spot called: “Seven Grams” (Not sure if they relocated anywhere or if same owners). But I was curious as to why they were called five elements. Lol I could be completely wrong and maybe they just based it on some asian philosophy. But as I’m trying to learn more about coffee, apparently in there are 5 ‘m’s to a perfect Italian espresso (FYI they’re usually in Italian which is why it’s the 5 m but for english and understanding purposes they are: blend/bean, grinder, machine, skills of the barista and maintenance). Cool stuff because the deco definietly give you that italian vibe so that why I’m thinking that what they mean. They take their time with their pours and coffee always tastes good (I mean I just drink for the caffeine but I like the taste too). So these are all completely speculated but I think it gives a lil explanation behind all their choices of things.

Pricing Elements

Lol I’m not sure what to even base the rating around the pricing for because everything in Toronto is “expensive”. So if I base all pricing levels around Starbucks at like 50% I think that’s a fair comparison. I’m also not completely aware of all the “elements” that go into pricing but from my guesses I’d say it’s a fair price.

I’m a Scarborough mans on the broke wave so as for spending I can never really justify buying anything full price outside of the home or grocery stores. But after undergrad and tings I had a tendency to get careless and have finally been able to make excuses for my purchases. Both a good and a bad thing. So my latest excuse was to help provide resources for all of you that may possibly read my blog (lol probably no one). But whatever it’s my excuse, so…

Coffee Price 7/10

I feel like a small coffee should cost no more than $2. A medium cold brew here was $2.5 so I guess it’s a pretty decent price since I think Starbucks is $3.25 or something so if Starbucks is a 6/10 I guess this’ll be a 7?

Food Price 5.5/10

So because we usually work for longer periods of time it’s tough to not eat if you’re outta home base for longer than 2-3 hours, especially since I’m hungry… ALWAYS. So I usually need to cop something cheap to tie me over till my next time I go home or go eat out somewhere. It was tough to find and snacks under like $3. I feel like Starbucks might be the same but for some reason I can justify it? So this is a complete personal biased review but I feel like you can make cookies cheaper than $3 (which they are not). But then again I can explain their price reasoning because it seems like everything is health based, giving more options for gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan diets. So, once again basing starbucks as a 6 this is like a 5.5?

Latte Prices 6/10

Also very similar to Starbucks I belive. I usually only order them for the Insta, but from what I remember it seems like it’s the same price as Starbucks.


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