6 Mac Apps You Never Knew You NEEDED!

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I’ve become invested in the Mac ecosystem and through trial and error, I have made it my own! If you trying to optimize your experience with and have the best time with macOS I definitely recommend you check these apps out!

These apps have seriously improved my productivity and I use each one of these on a daily basis. From simple apps to protect your eyes to apps to help you sort out files, these six will cover all the works and the best part is 4 of them are FREE!

Let’s go!


The 6 Apps You Didn’t Know You Needed

1. BetterSnap Tool ($5.49 CAD) [ http://bit.ly/BetterSnap ]

If you’re moving from a Windows to a Mac and you’re missing the ability to snap windows… trusssttttttt. I’m the same way, I was so confused as to why macOS could think of everything but not the ability to snap windows. So I tried a bunch of stuff and this has definitely become my most favourite app!

2. Bartender ($19.59 CAD) [ http://bit.ly/2qC1Ni2 ]

With this influx of apps your toolbar may get a little crowded. I personally don’t like seeing anything too cluttered so I invested in this app! You just pick the programs you want to hide and it’s as simple as that!

3. F.lux [ https://justgetflux.com/ ]

The same app I talked about in my how to get up earlier, but essentially just an app to reduce to blue light your eyes are exposed to. Helps your eyeballs and helps set your circadian rhythm (aka make sure you can sleep after).

4. Self Control [ https://selfcontrolapp.com/ ]

During my undergrad I moved from a pomodoro timer app to this because I reset it every 30 minutes. So block for 30 minutes and try to get work down then 5 minute rest. But if you’re not scared just increase the timer and go all out lol!

5. Caffeine [ https://caffeine.en.softonic.com/mac ]

A terminal command that keeps your display awake:
caffeinate -t 3600 &
So the argument after the t is how long you want your display on for in seconds, so this is an hour. But to keep it simple this app just requires a click (which I prefer much more) and  just like that you can toggle if you display will go to sleep or not!

6. Omni Disk Sweeper [ https://www.omnigroup.com/more/ ]

The best file manager for macOS and honestly has helped me fix so many computers. I don’t know why I like it so much but I just do. It helps you organize by size and you can open the exact file location so I guess that’s why when you’re running on like only 10 gb left on your hard drive this has helped clear up that much needed space lol!

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