6 Simple Steps To Becoming A Morning Person

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The snooze button is the worst thing invented.

We’ve all been there. Your alarm’s blaring and you know that if you wake up now you’d have time to shower, eat an awesome breakfast and make it 15 minutes early. But after hitting the snooze button 5 or 6 times, uttering those three treacherous words “five more minutes” you look at the clock with your heart pounding and you realize you’re late. So you jump out of bed, toss the first pieces of clothing you see on and head out the door.

Unfortunately, this has happened to too many of us, too many times. A lot of us have this issue with waking up, yet we all know that one person that just wakes up being the cheeriest morning person we all love to hate (-__-). I suppose the good news is, it’s not your fault… sometimes. Those ‘morning’ people just have a biological advantage in their body clock (or circadian rhythm) and I with this post hopefully I can help you get there. Now you can make as many excuses as you want, saying that you work better in the evening or at night but coming from an ex-night owl the benefits of waking up early are definitely worth it. Multiple reports say that those who wake up earlier feel more; optimistic, proactive and are less susceptible to stress. So if you’re still reading this blog post, chances are you want to become a morning person too! So get ready and let’s dive in!


First things first, lets get rid of that horrible snooze button!
If you’ve ever wondered why after pressing the snooze button, you feel more tired than when you first woke up. There’s actually scientific evidence proving that going back to sleep after you’ve woken up messes with your REM cycle, (I’ll probably this cover later) which is what’s usually making you more tired. Waking up at the right time during your REM cycle literally makes or breaks how you feel throughout the morning. So take the snooze option off your phone!


Which brings us to our second point, now this may seem obvious but the most difficult part about getting up is… literally getting up. If you physically get out of bed (and I mean it stand up!) the second your eyes open, it makes a huge difference! Now how do we do this? Don’t use your phone as an alarm, buy a legit alarm clock and put it across the room. There’s multiple reasoning behind this:

  1. Physically standing up to walk to your alarm clock shocks your body into waking up
  2. If you somehow manage to hit snooze on your phone and end up back in bed not having your phone as an alarm prevents the social media procrastination (SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook) in the morning
  3. Getting out of bed, standing up and then Switching your alarm off can be a great trigger to create new habits (We just gotta plan them out to be good ones)

3. Let in light

Since most of you are night owls with horribly set body clocks, the best way to rest your circadian rhythm is by waking up consistently with light. If you let light in your brain stops producing melatonin (the chemical that makes you tired) and then you will begin to feel more awake. So my recommendation is to get rid of those blackout shades (or sleep with the blinds open) and turn the lights on!

4. Eat Breakfast

Now you may be saying that, you’ve tried getting up early before and all you feel is tired throughout day. While this may be normal for you body to adjust your body clock, chances are you probably weren’t drinking enough water or eating enough food. Your body needs nutrition so don’t skip out on breakfast! It’s the most important meal of the day so eat lots and eat healthy!

5. Exercise

According to this study, will-power is a limited resource. Meaning that you’d have the most when you wake up. So my recommendation is to get the hardest things done first in the morning and that’s usually working out! I have never been one to care that much about exercise but trust me, it makes you feel worlds better. And on top of that after you workout you’ll have this rush of adrenaline that makes you feel like you can tackle anything for the rest of the day.


So there’s quite a few steps but this is by far the most important. Habits are formed by following three steps (Trigger, Action and Reward) and if you want this to stick there’s gotta be something you look forward to. For myself I use to treat myself to my favourite things; a coffee, a snack and a good book to read. So reward yourself for taking a step closer to becoming a morning person!


The beginning will be difficult, changing your body clock isn’t easy (but what’s good wont come easy). So if you miss a couple days don’t worry just make sure you try again the day after and never give up! Use the Seinfield method, I’ve made a little sheet you can print out and track how many days in a row you can get it done! Let me know if these tips work out for you or if you have any tips of your own.


Good Luck and Good Mornings!

TL;DR and Tools

Morning Tracker Sheet: Click Here
An Awesome (But Expensive) Alarm Clock: Click Here
A Cheap $10 Alarm Clock: Click Here


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