There are way too many skin care routines online to a point where I am completely overwhelmed. Instead of freaking out about everything I’ve boiled it down to three main components

  1. Cleanse
  2. Moisturize
  3. Protect

The extra bits is when it becomes overwhelming and often get into too much detail. So if you leave with anything those are the only 3 products you need.

There are way too many skin care routines online, and it always brings me to a point where I am completely overwhelmed and choose to do nothing about it (which is like the worst thing to do). So if you’re in the same boat as me, don’t worry because I’ve tried my best boiled it down to three products to use as a routine:

  1. Cleanser
  2. Moisturizer
  3. Sunscreen

Everything else is noise. I know that’s probably not satisfying enough so I’ll cover the details slowly because it’s those extra bits that causes it to become overwhelming. But all I’m trying to say is that if you leave with anything, all you need to know is for an effective skin care routine you only need those 3 products.


Like everything else on this blog, I am not an expert. I don’t recommend you to blindly follow anything I do without doing your own research first, because frankly, I know nothing. Just like life, I don’t think skin care has a one size fits all routine. So, what I recommend in order to find your “perfect” skin care routine, approach it with a trial and error mentality and don’t give up. Even as I’m writing this, I still haven’t found my ‘perfect’ routine yet. But since I usually write notes to try to help me understand these topics I better, I thought why not share what I have for now and hopefully we can make sense of this together!

My Excuses

I had no idea how to take care of my skin (still not sure if I do). And anytime I’ve attempted to learn more about skincare or products I always hit an emotional barrier of feeling overwhelmed. On top of that, I always felt weird or ashamed about asking for tips and whatnot since I thought most products and information were only for females. The truth is, all of these thoughts were just construed in my head. I think it was just my way of avoiding failure by avoiding solid attempts. I can probably dig further into my mental reasoning for this but we can carry that over to my post about cognitive behavioral therapy. For now, let’s just get into the basics of what I learned about skincare and acne.

How to Get Rid of Acne (Anchors)

Basic Knowledge

What is Acne?

So, people usually give convoluted answers about what acne is but I’ve tried to simplify it the best I can.


Pimples happen when your skin’s breathing holes are clogged with oil and bacteria

Pimples happen when your skin’s breathing holes (pores aka hair follicles) clogged with oil (sebum) and bacteria (white blood cells, dirt, infection, etc.)


You’ve most definitely heard it described in clearer formal terms coated with a bunch of marketing terms before. But I like it better when things are stripped down to the basics and I think this describes it pretty well. Because when you have an understanding that pores are just hair follicles (which blew my mind by the way because I always thought they were different) you can start asking the right questions that help you determine the root cause of the issue (acne), like;


What is Sebum and Why Do We Need It?

So everyone actually has Sebum, it’s a natural lubricant that our skin produces to keep our skin healthy and moisturized (I always thought it was just an acne thing). The problem of acne only occurs when the Sebum can’t get onto our skin because our pores (hair follicles – the holes in our skin) get clogged with; dead skin cells (because our skin is actually constantly shedding), bacteria (we have good and bacteria on our skin all the time) and other stuff.


So when you think about it the people with acne prone skin are often; kids going through puberty, women experiencing menopause, stressed adults. And those situations start to show you some similarities, which made me speculate that acne seems to occur during hormonal changes in the body. So the next question is why?



When you go through puberty there are a ton of crazy hormonal changes going through your body and when I dug in a little further these things do play a factor! An excess of testosterone production causes the body to


While, a normal level production of hormones doesn’t seem to cause acne what I noticed was; an excess of testorone







everywhere before but without all the marketing lingo that’s what it is. I need to work on simplifying it but that’s all it is. It’s often brought on by increases in hormones (so puberty, increases in testosterone






been capable of understand it was acne/pimples is just



Why Does Acne Happen?

All pimples are, are just infected and congested (sebum trapped by dead skin cells, etc.) pores (hair follicles). Brought on by puberty (testosterone increases sebum) or stress (cortisol increases inflamation) and mainly based on genetics and horomones (not so much diet and cleanliness although I think it would help)

  • skin is constantly shedding dead cells (this is how the skin breathes and rejuvenates, it pushes out through the pores)
  • sebum is the natural lubricant
  • the oil builds up underneath
  • p acne is the bacteria that your body tries to fight
  • Benzoyl Peroxide kills specfic ance bacteria
  • salysilic acid helps remove dead skin blockages
  • retnoids reduce sebum production
  • Birth control helps by decreasing androgen horomones ultimately decreasing sebum
  • doctors are always best. everyone has the same bacteria on their face but mostly a different strain
  • Mechanica, fulminans, pyoderma faciale, acne conglobata, consort acne, pomade acne, acne rosatia, acne vulgaris (white, black, inflamed)
  1. Do a acne Skin Routine at least 2 times a day
  2. Include benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, alphahydroxy acid like glycolic acid
  3. Use a moisturizer (acne routine is dry, you will have a oily skin response so equalize your skin by moisturizing pre-emptive)
  4. Go to a dermatologist

DIY Acne tools

  • Greek yogurt with honey
  • egg yolk

adult acne

  • jawline, chin, neck, chest
  • numbers are increasing (1 in 5) probably because of stress (cortisol)
    • now we feel in danger all the time lol
  • cleanse with hydrogen perozide, cool with ice, dab cortizone (2-3 minutes)
  • gentle cleanser twice a day, salicilic acid moisturizer 2/day, benzoyl peroxide at night +moisturizer
  • Manage stress (establish routine, exercise, eat well meditate, sleep and wakeup routine, take care of yourself too)
  • low glycemic diet, high fructose, corn syrup focus more on proteins, fruits, veggies
  • systic, painful, doesn;t clear or indented scars go see a dermo

Not focusing on root cause

  • always scrubbing hard with cleansers can get rid of natural and good bacteria basically you sterilized everything
  • antibiotics come back even worse sometimes because if you dont finish properly it will be even stronger
  • accutane is vitamin a but has bad side effects

sebaceous gland (highly sensitive to hormones)

  • extra tissue being formed
  • plugged pore (white and black head)
  • inflammation
  • unfriendly bacteria feeding on sebum
  • enlarged gland

To target the root cause we look at the hormones (androgen (male usually testosterone –> increase sebum and size of gland plus more tissue) and estrogen (notice before your cycle it gets worse sides happen on alternating ovaries))

  • too much enzyme converting testosterone to DHT can be caused by being vitamin a deficient (cod liver oil is good for skin), vitamin b5 also helps, zinc lowers enzyme, lowering insulin
  • estrogen can be caused by bad liver, testoserone converts to estrogen, fatty or scarred liver.
  • acne is a clue that gives you indications inside. liver. alcohol increases estrogen, antidepressant increases estrogen
  • help estrogen by eating cofusdoiu vegetables (kale, broccli, brussel sprouts)
  • DIM –> Stronger than crusiferous
  • Sting/ nittle root decreases insulin
  • Low vitamin a (kills bad skin bacteria), vitamin d (Sun helps regulate skin), gallbladder, androgen (sugar, stress), insulin (sugar, alcohol), low vitamin b5 (control skin, stress)

Vitamin a,d,e,k. Vegetables help. lower stress

  • another cause is candida in the gut (antibiotics, fl-cl water, sugar feeds candida and yeast
  • gluten causes inflammation (eczema and acne is gut related) more fruit, less gluten, more grain
  • high fibre (clean gut) balance blood sugar (consume quality protein) healthy fats (coconut antimicrobial bacteria) probiotics helps kill bad bacteria
  • antioxidents, tea tree oil kills bad bacteria and moisturizes


  1. Food changes: rid sugar, gluten, grain bad oil (vegetable, canola switch to coconut)
  2. Consume: Healthy fat (coconut), healthy protein (grass-fed meat [chicken, turkey], fibre rich products
  3. Supplements: probiotics, zinc, antioxidants, tea tree oil


this idea was false

forehead – poor diet, irregular sleep, digestive problem

nose – poor blood circulation

right cheek – stress

left cheek – allergies

chin – hormonal/kidney imbalance

It does however give a clue of what is causing your breakout.

forehead breakouts –> Pomade Acne is possibly caused by products in hair (greasy hair)

nose –> rosacea (triggered by activities) alcohol, coffee, exercise, choclate, spicy food.

cheeks –> males steroid acne and hormones (anabolic steroids) possible from increase of hormones (beard area –> PCOS)

chin –> contact with things (chinstrap –> periural dermatitis)

keep track of problem areas



  • Why does acne happen?
    • What kinds of acne are there?
    • What remedies are there?
  • How to take care of your skin?
    • What kind of skin do you have?
    • What products do I need?
      • What do they do?
      • How do I do it for cheap?


  • Minocycline / doxycycline
    • Epuris?
  • Cleanser
  • Toner
  • Moisturizer
  • Sunscreen


Why do i have body odor






Step Number One

Know Your Skin Type


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