24 Mar 2019

A Year of Goals v 1.1

Let’s give this another try!

The Reason Why (A Lil Note to Self)

I’m depressed. and extremely mean to myself, I know it doesn’t make much sense but it’s something I can’t really control… yet. But skipping over the melodramatics, I want to do better, I want to be better. 

It’s something that’s just ingrained in us, we’re always trying to grow, learn, and accomplish new feats. But maybe it’s the depression, maybe it’s being a millennial or maybe it’s just me but I feel like I’ve never been able to accomplish anything or even if I can I always self-sabotage myself. I’m like my own worst enemy and that’s got to change.

I constantly beat myself up because I didn’t execute Limitless the way I wanted to but I never really do anything about it. while it would make the most sense for me to do something about it right now. I think I’m just taking this time to find me right now. I’m lost. Hella lost. but it’s all good because I think it’s just part of the process.

So, what I’m trying to get at is I wanna do something. Taking a page outta the limitless planner I’m just going to take baby steps towards these large dreams/goals I’ve always had and see what resonates with me the most. So hence this post: A Year of Goals.

So why a year?

Not actually a year. It’s f*ckin March lol. Like the end of it. but it’s catchier. I’m just tryna keep up with weekly goals. My head/ ego or something is too big and I honestly feel like I can accomplish anything, I just have the worst attention span and like the inability to commit to anything (also i need to fix all this negative self-talk, so hmu if u got the tips lol)

Nonetheless, It’s simple. I feel waste cause I don’t feel like I have many successes in my life so what I’m tryna do right now is stack some w’s where I can. By creating weekly challenges for myself I can finally start tackling these huge aspirations I’ve always had and see where I can get! so first off we going to the gym lol!

8 Mar 2019

Brain Dump a Year of Goals v 1.0

So if you’ve ever kept up with me behind my thought process behind the Limitless Planner, you may know that the whole premise of the journal/planner is based around one thing: baby steps. I’ve attempted to write about this a million times on this blog but I always retract for some reason and most likely because of my lack of self-confidence.

Nonetheless we’ll actually give you some real-life real-time examples; me. So, what the hell am I trying to say?

I’ve been loafting for far too long and I need to show you why what I’m trying to show people works. Take small actions consistently and those will add up real quick. You just got to actually do it. I suppose the only thing in my life that shows some of that is by day-trading. so since I have something to have proof i can expand that in other aspects of my life. I suppose the first thing to do would be to wake up earlier but is that worth? I guess I should do the gym but I’m also so hesitant in doing that for myself as well.

So before this experiment even starts you can see how much tricks my mind plays on myself preventing me from even commiting. there’s so much doubt within my mind that I just become immobilized in my own thoughts.

I think the best thing for myself to do would be to pick something and commit. and that would be the gym that’s most definitely the main things that I would like to commit to so it’s said and done.

Now I can finally explain what the heck I’m trying to do. I want to set up a year of goals. I want to talk about taking. fuck it lol ill explain later but starting monday 4 mar til 11 mar we gym everyday

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