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Hi there! I'm Dylan,

Welcome to my personal blog!

This is the place where you can find articles on things that I’m trying to learn. Whether you want to; learn how to change your tires, build a website or wake up earlier. I try to write my posts as guides so you can learn how to do these things too.

If you’re not the do-er type, I also love to review products and cover stuff like: what the best e-readers are, the comfiest ergonomic office chair or the best bang-for-your-buck microphone for creators. The things you can read are endless!

So, if that’s cool with you and my writing doesn’t scare you away. Let’s get into it, and figure out life together!

So, with the introduction aside. I’m still working on how to divide up the categories, but this is what my blog is all about.


This seems like a decent layout for now. It’s always going to keep growing but I think these are a good way for me to gain some focus and concentration. Let me know if this helps you navigate around the blog. If not I can try to change it up to something that makes more sense but this seems to be working for now.

I tried an impossible list [writing down my goals] but never really kept up with it. So I was hoping trying to organize my thoughts and ideas would help me figure out what this blog was about.

Other than that, feel free to leave some suggestions on my idea post as I try to figure out what the heck I want to cover. Enjoy the site. And I’ll see you in the next one 😉

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Just another millennial struggling with depression. I’m figuring out my way through life and writing what I find here. 


I’m just another millennial struggling with depression, drinking coffee and trying to learn as much as possible to figure out life.

I’m not sure what my defined goal is with this blog yet, but I think I’d be satisfied if I figured out how to “live my best life” and then be able to show you how I did it, so that you could do it to! I guess, I just want to be able to help people in the same boat as me. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to help out at least just one of you and that would be awesome! I mean the more the merrier but I suppose the first course of action is to just start now!

Let’s goooo!!!

Here’s a snapshot of my goals!

Some Things I’ve Been Working On



A List of Books That Have Helped Change My Life

Who Am I?

I’m just a regular dude trying to figure it all out. By no means am I perfect, a guru or know anymore than you do. I’m literally just going through it with you as we all try to figure out this thing called life.

I’ve always kept a personal document on things that have helped me in life but I’ve usually been more of a private guy. However, after launching the Limitless Planner I think I’ve finally gained some confidence to pursue one of my life passions (interest, goal – whatever you wanna call it). I just want be able to contribute back to the world in a positive way as much as possible. So I thought instead of sharing things that have helped me at the end I might as well share my entire journey and that way, we can help each other out !

Some Background About Dylankyang

I’m a recent electrical engineer graduate that left my full time job to try and figure out what the heck I want to do with my life. I launched a Kickstarter for a project that I’ve been wanting to launch in years (Limitless Planner). And after doing that I gained the confidence to give my goals a strong attempt. I want to be able to help people out as much as possible through my blog, YouTube and the Limitless Planner.

So this year I’m finally taking action and hopefully creating content that’ll inspire you to take your journey now!

What’s this site about?

Ive always wanted to become a better writer so I started this blog as a way for me to practice writing. I basically just cover all my interests and hope to log the skills and goals I’m hoping to achieve. Such as improving my life, drinking and working at awesome coffee shops, learning about the newest technologies and reading some books!

I’m a millennial and I can confidently say; “As a generation, we are lost”. Too many of us are confused with questions that endless rack our subconscious; What am I going to do with my life? How much money do I need to retire? Is there such thing as balance? How am I going to make enough money?

I’m not saying I have the answers but I’m sure as hell trying as hard as I can so that we can finally figure out the “secrets” to life. I’m going through trial and error to figure out what makes us “happy”. You can join me on my journey now or read my bullet point later but I promise you we’ll figure out how to live the best life possible! 😀