Month One: Affiliate Blog Post Updates

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Affiliate Blog Table of Content

Pre-Launch: The Start of Committing to Affiliate Blog Posts

January 16th: I wanted to start writing affiliate posts for my personal blog

Jeeze. I don’t know why writing this Ergonomic Office Chair blog post took so long. Clearly this subject isn’t made for me cause how the hell am I burnt out from one article. How is someone supposed to make it to 100 posts on that. lololol. Ya we’ll need to figure out what’s going on the make sure that I can reach that milestone.

I know noone said it would be easy but this topic became boring pretty quickly especially after I’ve found out that we’d be gifted an office chair. So we’ll try again with a new topic. I mean clearly I’m really interested in affiliate blog posts. But can I even write about affiliate marketing if I haven’t been successful in it yet?

I suppose the approach that I can take is the web design aspect of it all, however I’m not sure i’d last for that as well. The thing is that my interest is always changing so this niching down thing I’m not sure it’ll work for me but we’ll give it a shot regardless.

Week 1: Affiliate Blog Post Case Study

Day 0

January 20th: I found the niche I want to dedicate a business to

I think I’ve finally figured out what I can try to do to make it as a business. We’ll take the real steps on making the blog posts and outsource everything. That way I can still try to make my YouTube channel happen with things that I actually find interesting. But dedicating a site for the affiliate blog will finally force me to work everyday onto something. I don’t want to share what I’m doing yet because I don’t want to lose any opportunity to make money. I’ll probably share it once I can prove proof of concept because without real results I have nothing.

I suppose the way that I’m approaching it will finally be following Miles Beckler step by step and we’ll see where that takes me. I need to know how other people track their progress so I’ll have to start a new blog post on this?

Explaining my Above Thoughts

So the above was just a random brain dump just to get my thoughts out. I have no idea if any of that makes any sense so we’ll try to make it clearer here.

I finally settled on a niche for an affiliate blog from brainstorming affiliate blog posts for my personal site. I think I finally understand what all these “gurus” have meant by a niche. It’s just a topic that I can see an endless number of products and articles I can write about. But specific enough that people will search for all these different variations. I don’t want to share my specific niche cause I don’t want to blow it up before I even can prove that it can make money.

So I think a great example is similar to the office chair example I learned to write about. But also just anything that you can do to replace the underlined words like:

Best dog food for elderly German Shepards

And by replacing those underlined words with different products, pets, breeds. You can literally write about anything. The main thing is just finding something that you’re actually interested in because how the heck would you be able to write about it otherwise.

My Actionable Items

I’m at an advantage because web design doesn’t scare me and I’m very familiar with WordPress. If you’re not and it scares you a little. Literally don’t worry, it’s just a couple button clicks and a credit card. You don’t even need to commit that much you can start it all for under $10 (1 month) with SiteGround (I’d recommend 1-year minimum for best discounts ~$120). I wrote a step-by-step guide to build your affiliate blog/website here.

So I only had to spend $17 CAD cause I like to host all my domains on Google. But if you buy a year long hosting with Siteground I’m pretty sure they give you the domain for free. It’s also cheaper there. I just paid addtional money for domain privacy not necessary, but since I now realize I’m not a nobody on the internet anymore whatever I can do to protect my privacy I learned I need to do it.

Day 6

January 26th: I forgot to take my IP off Analytics and I’m second guessing my niche

Call it self-sabotage or whatever but I’m like incapable afraid of committing to this niche. I feel like all this affiliate post stuff is inauthentic to myself, and feels like a lot of plagiarizing because it converts different mediums to text. I suppose it would be if I didn’t source the original materials but I also just feel like I’m not making stuff up but I suppose this would be the result if you one had one source of research. That’s a moral dilemma I’ll need to sort out later on.

For now my main thing is removing my own IP from Google Analytics because there’s a spark in views on the site with no content and that’s definitely because when I edit the site it’s counting them as views and we don’t want that so I’ll have to update that here. (How to remove your IP from Google Analytics Data).

Day 13: Nothing Happened

Too Caught Up in My Head to Do Anything

I think the niche I picked made me feel too much of a certain type of ways. So I want to reevaluate and pick a new topic. I think I’m focusing too much on trying to make money that I’m becoming scattered again, this is my issue. Maybe I just have ADHD, I’ve been so adverse to whenever someone asks me if I am. But it’s probably very probable. Anyways, all I’m trying to say is I wrote one article and have second guessed my niche for two weeks. I really just want to purchase a new domain and start fresh. But as of writing this article I think that I can fix that and maybe go again. Honestly I;m not sure what’s going on in my head. I should just focus on what I actually want to do and just start making more videos. I have so muchdoubt in myself I’m always second guessing myself I have no idea what to do. That’s a lie, I’ve always known I’ve wanted to do YouTube, I’ve just been too much of a ____ to do anything about it. So that should be my focus.


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