Making Money with Affiliate Marketing in Three Steps

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I’m trying to make a resource for me to actually make this blog work. I’ll try to detail Affiliate marketing, paid traffic, SEO, email marketing, and more in this post.

The main thing that I see is people niching down to a specific topic. While I understand that’s what makes sites usually successful, I just feel like restarting every-time is giving me the cat and mouse chase and not really getting anywhere. I have no plans on trying to sell my site so I don’t see the harm of building SEO links on this one site. (Please flag this if you think I’m screwing myself over)

But other than that I think we’re good to go! Obviously if I can I’ll be linking to affiliate products here, and if you choose to purchase it, you’ll get it at no additional cost to you.

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Can Affiliate Marketing Make Money?

Most definitely, and that’s the goal here. There are so many websites that have proof online. But it’s tough to tell what’s real because there’s so many fake guru’s online. So the only way I can think of this working is if I can track my experience and to see if it works.

From my research it seems that $3000/month is not an unrealistic amount for a beginner. This is a manageable goal once we reach a few milestones on our blog:

  • 40,000 Pageviews per month
    • I don’t believe Google Adsense has a minimum
      • But I think you can see some cents rolling in at 1,000+
    • 10,000 Pageviews are required to apply to Ezoic Ads
  • 100+ Blog Posts on Your Niche Topic
    • Your main focus is to make sure that you answer questions that your viewers are looking for.
    • Next is to ensure that your writing includes the keywords your trying to rank for
    • Aiming for 1,500 words is nice to ensure there’s enough words for Google to read through. But remember your main focus is your guests.
  • 6-8 Months for your content to rank on Google
    • Keep your hopes low, it can take up to a year, the main focus is to keep creating good content for Google to find

I think those are the main milestone and something I haven’t done yet. I think this blog has around 200+ posts but maybe a handful that I actually have really tried? So I’m hoping that this makes me write more, and better content.

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Don’t Buy Affiliate Marketing Courses

There are so many courses that will try to teach you how to make money online. But I think I’ve come to terms there is no real quick way unless you’re scamming people. And we’re not about that here, so let’s have that reminder to NOT BUY SKETCHY COURSES!

If you really think about it, why would someone making thousands of dollars elsewhere want to charge broke people thousands of dollars? Like if they’re already making a decent amount theres no sense on preying on the weak. And if they are do you really want to learn from someone taking advantage of people?

There’s a lot of information on the internet that is free and all these courses do. Is they just regurgitate that information. So instead of having to pay thousands of dollars, I thought why not structure it here and we can figure it out together.

What Makes a Successful Profitable Affiliate Marketing Blog?

I think people will always glamorize the laptop lifestyle and making money online. But the reality is I think it’ll take time. You’ll need 100+ good quality articles ranking 1,500+ words per post. You’ll need to niche down onto questions people are asking. And have the ability to make some money via ads or affiliate products.

There are so many people using Amazon Affiliates so it must be real that it works. I think it just depends on which one of us are willing to stay committed to doing the work. So how do we make sure we’re doing the right thing?

DYLANKYANG - Learn Making Money with Affiliate Marketing in Three Steps 5

Step One: Build Around a Niche not a Product

Whether you’re in it for the money or not it’ll be important to pick something you’re interested in, otherwise you’ll put yourself at risk for burnout. I do genuinely want to create content I like, but after a few years of not much money, I think I want to make being profitable just as important. And I think it’s key to make sure that what you’re making actually interests you.

Basically if there’s products related to your idea on Amazon, you should be good to go. If there’s products that are required in your topic or at least makes whatever task at hand easier, you should be good to go!

Need More Help on How to Pick Your Niche?

There’s no tried and true method to finding the perfect niche. I think the most important thing to do is to just start. Get things going and see what happens. So here are some questions that’ll help you start:

  • List out your passions and/or skills?
  • What do you know an absurb amount of information about?
  • What do you find yourself reading up on when you’re actually supposed to be working?
  • What are you always buying? Is there a category or topic that they’re used for?
  • Do you like said topic?

My Actual Thoughts on Niches?

I think its a pivotal step to making sure you can grow in one topic because if my track record proves anything. If you try to grow in too many different places you probably wont end up anywhere (Jack of all trades, master of none).

I think I’m going to keep this blog hella vague cause its just a blog for me. But I’ll probably start up a random site on a niche when I find one.

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Step Two: Create 100+ Good Articles

Just start writing!

Ideally you’ll be writing content to rank well on Google. But I think the main thing is to answer all the questions you had when you first learned about the topic. 100 articles is a lot, and the people at r/juststart are usually hiring out their written articles. But I just want to make something on my own if that makes any sense.

What Do I Write About?

I throughly enjoy product reviews, and I think that’s what I may gear my YouTube towards. However, the truth has set it that the most populous Google searches are questions that you can answer on your topic. So if there was a ratio on the types of articles. Your 100 articles should be split:

  • 1/5 on Product Reviews
  • 4/5 should be answering questions

If you run out of ideas about what questions you had when you entered the topic or are just drawing a creative blank because of perfectionism. Then just open a document and write the topic word down. Pull a question from: to figure out what people are asking.

Then try your best to answer that question. If you’re not the greatest writer, answer it in bullet points. Then make a paragrah for each point and fill it with evidence after you finish writing everything out. Very counter intuitive to post-secondary writing but I think the goal is to aim for quantity and the quality will follow… eventually… hopefully. lol

DYLANKYANG - Learn Making Money with Affiliate Marketing in Three Steps 9

Step Three: Rinse and Repeat

In theory that’s all it takes. I guess my topic is on affiliate marketing. It’s the farthest thing from niche so I won’t be making much money from here. But at least itll get me started on learning to write 100+ articles in a minimal amount of time. If I can aim to write a 1500 word article a day? Lol that seems like a boost, I think I’m more of a 500 word guy a day. So let’s say it takes me 3 days to crank out an article. That means to hit 100 articles that’s 300 days which is shy of a year.

So that’s the goal! 100 articles in 300 days, and let’s see how the traffic grows on this. Which brings in questions about traffic.

How do I make sure what I’m writing attracts traffic?

Everything in life is displayed as create it and they will come. This is usually far from the truth. Everyone at r/juststart is also very anti this thought process and it makes sense. Don’t waste time waiting, go and make it happen. They talk about backlinking and getting larger blogs to reference you to help you bring traffic in.

However, I’ve always wondered what it would be like if you approached something with the “build it and they will come” attitude. And I personally feel like blogging/the internet is the one place where that might actually be possible. But there are a few steps that helps this thought process.

Target Long Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are basically just google searches that have a lot of words. People don’t actually search “dog eye dry”. They’ll usually write out the whole question “why are my dog’s eyes dry”, and that’s the long-tail. Basically most of these spam sites and other affiliate marketing sites are just trying to rank really high for basic words like dog and that’s why they are super competitive. But if you can target something so specific that it’s like pretty random then you can probably rank pretty high for that topic.

Obviously you should do some due-diligence and make sure other people are searching for it too. You’ll just want to make sure you write better content than what’s out there.

For example: I wrote an article about “How to edit with FCPX on an external hard drive” and I’m a nobody but for reason I rank pretty well for that. I don’t even think it’s a good article but I think that’s the type of “niching-down” we need to do

DYLANKYANG - Learn Making Money with Affiliate Marketing in Three Steps 11


Just start!

Aim for 100 shitty articles if you have to. Just get the ball rolling. We’ll never know if it works if we don’t do anything and I need that as a constant reminder for myself because the imposter syndrome is real.

Stop caring about what other people think. If you’re in it to see if it works, just do it and you’ll know the answer. Regardless of who you’ve seen done it, you’ll never know till you put your own blood sweat and tears into the project. So give it a shot, prep for the worst and hope for the best. You got this!

Let’s go get some affiliate marketing money.

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