Another 100 Day Challenge [1/100]

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“Your taste is still killer which is why your work disappoints you.
You have to know this is normal and if you put in work you will close that gap” – @JeffShin

– The Original 100 Day Challenge Postchallenge

The 100 Day Challenge

So this is yet another poor attempt at creating the blog challenge (The OG Post). But instead of just making it simply one a day. Life happens I get caught up and want to avoid the wallowing pit of despair when I fail once again. (I mean failure is a part of success. All the people that attempted to quit smoking had to fail multiple times before they succeeded. All professional athletes must train again and again and surpass failure in-order to succeed.

It’s Part of The Process

Hence the saying; Try. Try. Try and Try again. It’s a thing because it works, but you have to put the effort into it.) So my solution (or mental way) to avoid the disappointment of failure, is to make up for the times you mess up.  Rather than simply trying to get the habit of doing a blog post once every day in 30 days. The goal is to reach 100 posts in one hundred days and at one point in time, I think I’ll definitely achieve my goal of creating a 30-day streak post. So that’s the way I’m going about this.

The Challenge Goal

I’ve written about this multiple times. But essentially I want to become a better writer. Or just be able to articulate my ideas better so that’s the goal here. Write more so I can learn how to express the things going on in my head. Let’s go!!


[1 out of 100]


Your 100 Day Challenge

Hopefully, this post may spark some inspiration or at least help push you to take action. So here are some questions or action items you can take!

  • What is something that you’ve been avoiding?
  • Is there something that you would like to get better at?
    • What can you do everyday, little by little to get better at that?

Do it now!

The Old 30 Day Challenge Log:

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