Apple Watch SE Review

The Apple Watch SE is a great starter option into smartwatches. I personally feel like it’s still a bit too pricey, but if you’re into Apple products I feel like this is the one to get you started.

Apple Watch SE

I talked a bit about the Apple Smart Watch Lineup in my comparison blog post here. But basically after contemplating all these options over the past few months, I decided to give in to the Apple Watch SE.

The Apple Watch SE is their “budget-friendly” option, but I personally feel like it still resides in the expensive side of smart watches. It starts at $279 USD ($369 CAD) which is still a pretty considerable amount of money to put down. But I suppose it is a more reasonable price point than the Series 6 $399 USD ($529 CAD).

More Than The Apple Watch Series 3

So I did contemplate getting an older watch (Series 3,4 or 5 – Leaned more towards 5) however because I’m hoping to gear my passions towards a tech-review YouTube Channel. I decided to go with the latest tech. What the SE has over the Series 3 is:

  • Larger display (40mm instead of 38mm)
  • S5 Processor with Watch OS7
  • LTE Options (Cellular)

Less than the Apple Watch Series 6

And while I wanted to latest and greatest, my pockets don’t speak that language. So I went with the happy medium and gave up on the cool features on the Series 6 like:

  • Always-on Display
  • Faster Charging Time (90 min over 2.5 hours)
  • SpO2 Sensor

Best Option is the Series 5

Like it’s nice that Apple thought about giving a budget friendly option but I don’t think that the SE carries it’s value as it should. I feel like there’s some pretty good options that resell at the same price point and you can still get the features that Apple decided to cheap out on like:

  • Always-on Display
  • ECG App
  • Same processor = same speed as SE

Choosing The Options

So basically, I think I’d cop the Series 5 if you could find it at a similar price to the SE in your market and pretty much for the sole reason that it has the always on display.

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