An Attempt at Self Discipline [3 of 30 DC]

Now that I have to write about it I feel like I covered everything I can say yesterday. I suppose than I’ll just blabber till a connection occurs.

Just an Attempt To Write

We often mistake that the lack of progressing is due to the lack of motivation. We’re always waiting for that perfect moment to get started when our minds and bodies align but more often than not for these small skill building tasks we just need to start now. And no the issue is not your lack of motivation it’s the lack of self-discipline.

I’m not trying to sounds rude, but I’m not sure how else to word this. With more and more technologies helping us out, our society has become lazy. We don’t do the things we should do, because we don’t need to. So everything that occurs in your life will occur because you’ve decided to do something about it or not.

A Guide To Build Self Discipline?

Self discipline is the skill that allows some people to be consistent to a daily workout regime. Or healthy diet. The ones that practice playing and instrument daily. Build empires or change the world. I mean it’s not magic but it’s pretty helpful to accomplishing the things you’ve always wanted to or need to get done.

So how do you build your self-discipline. So I mean it’s a given you just start doing the things u need to do to build it. But it’s always a little difficult to just get the ball rolling. So as stated in the last post my best recommendation is to start taking cold showers.

Get Comfortable with being Uncomfortable

That’s it lol.

Consistently practice doing the things that require self discipline. After getting the little wins you gain more confidence to take on the bigger ones.

self discipline training
This is the first thing that popped up in my head. Train yourself like you used to do in Pokemon. Just remember the whole point is for you to progress so before you think you’re ready just go for it because if it doesn’t work out just train again. I guess what I’m trying to say is all you need is a little self discipline and you’ll be ready to tackle your goals.

Note: writing on my phone to make sure I hit my goals, will edit later

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