Baby Steps to Overcome Procrastination [2 of 30 DC]

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The following post is not based on any scientific research but more so just some random conclusions I’m drawing together arbitrarily.

What is Procrastination

It’s the act of delaying, postponing, or not doing a task. Often done habitually, intentionally (even though we feel like it’s not).

Why Do We Procrastinate

I believe we procrastinate because our brains don’t have the ability to understand the benefits of long term goals. As the human species that we are I think our survival has been predominantly been dependant on immediate action and just focusing on our basic needs. (I think this idea comes from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs).

procrastination vs maslow

Attempting to Procrastination to Relate to Maslow’s Hierarchy

For the longest time as a species we’ve only been focusing on the bottom tier. But as millenials we were kinda of just gifted the bottom row and have never really needed to fend that section for ourselves. As a result I think that some may feel lost due to that (I think this is more just a conclusion of myself). But I guess what im trying to say is that our brains main focus is usuallly just the bottom 2 row but since we dont really need to do that now we dont know what to do. Lol I’m not sure that makes any sense.

I am clearly really bad at words and need some serious help so if you are a random that actually so happpens to read this post, send help! Lol link me to a course where I can learn to write properly.


Why Procrastination Is By Daniel Kahneman
Just read this instead

An Alternative to My Bad Writing [Recommended]

Anyways let’s just skip the reasons why we procrastinate. I think the point I’m trying tomake would just be easier if you read Thinking Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahneman. Because clearly I’m not doing a good job at it and I think this is where this rant is coming from.

science of procrastination

Unsourced Science to Overcome Procrastination

So this is my completely made up “scientific” explanation to a solution to procrastination. I think it’s difficult to overcome procrastination because our brains, and maybe our environmental conditioning (North American Culture) is that we dislike discomfort. I mean why would anyone enjoy it. But my point being is that as a result most of us have never really trained our “self-discipline” (which is the ability to pursue something we believe is right despite temptation [at least I think so]).

procrastination skills

Build Skills. Don’t Wish for Miracles.

And I personally believe that everything we want to do/admire/like about people’s characteristics are much more skill rather than just something you’re born with. I believe we have full control over the way we want our body/mind/life reacts and does things, it all just takes work. Depending whether or not you want to put yourself through it or not.

“Emit Smith once said ‘All men are created equal. Some just work harder in preseason'”

-Eric Thomas

Self-Discipline Combats Procrastination

So just like any other skills. small consistent actions can lead to large results. which is also similar to a quote i can’t remember right now. So to get past this procrastination wall we need to learn to develop our self discipline skills. Which is a great blog post to write but for now the most immediate action that I can think of is to take a cold shower. Because you need to shower every day so this is breaking down self-discipline/procrastination to a yes or no situation. But I’ll dig into that deeper in tomorrow.

For now just remember when setting big goals break the daily steps into small steps to get past the wall of procrastination. The key is baby steps.

So let’s get to my

Call to Action.

Looking at the 30 day challenge I set for myself, unfortunately I’m already overwhelmed lol that is clearly signs of riidiculous emotional change but as long as we take consistent small actions we can lead to big changes. So why can I write about nothing? Because this is my blog and I promised to write a post a day for the next 30 days. I didn’t say they needed to be perfect but they exist so, here it is.


Overcome Procrastination by:

  • Figuring out what you want to do
  • Write the explanation as to why
  • Break it down into a baby step

And that’s literally all you need to do.

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