My Bedroom Makeover – Part 1: The Bed Setup

Bedroom Makeover: Part 1

This bedroom makeover has been a long time coming. I’ve always wanted to redo my room. But have really been hesitant on spending money on things, because I felt that I didn’t need to purchase things if I could find the old stuff in my house. So I took the baby step work on my bed setup!

The Bed Setup

My old bedroom was a mix and match of random pieces of furniture that I would need and find across my house. My sisters stuff, stuff from my parents. But I wasn’t satisfied with my room. I didn’t enjoy just being there or felt relaxed, I just felt as if there was always more stuff to do.

When I thought about it, it’s where i spend majority of my time (albeit, most of the time im sleeping, but nonetheless i do spend most of my time there). With that perspective I managed to understand that it makes sense to invest some money and time into it for better mental health and spirituality.

So first, I decided to dish out the money and purchase a new bed frame. I wanted something that should last awhile and for the next and upcoming stages of my life so I went for the classic malm bed from Ikea.

I’ve always admired a minimalist aesthetic but maybe due to the way we were raised up or because were a family of immigrants I live a hoarder lifestyle. All im trying to say is I need to purge alot lol. The aesthetic I like is minimalist so theres going to be quite a shift in my room. I’m going to be tracking my progress of switching from that to minimalism of my room. So my bedroom will be split up into 3 videos. Make sure you subscribe to keep up.

So lets get to it.

Stuff Pon Bed

Main Setup

The main setup is obviously the bedframe. It’s the dark brown malm bed frame. But what you’ll notice is that we actually took the headboard off to give it a more minimalist vibe.


Beside that are these Lack floating nightstand that fit in with the aesthetic.

Above that we installed 2 Ranarp lamps that give it that balanced look.

To top it off we put up a frame. I was thinking either putting a quote or picture of the city skyline. But i thought either way was going to be cheesy. So I thought why not make it cheesy but something taht relates to me. So i put up the poster saying ‘gwan big up urself’.


Now for the comfort of the bed. I honestly cant remember where we got this mattress from. But my setup is a double or full sized bed so everything we got was based off of that size. I love amazon, so I picked up this amazing sheet set for only 24.99. There pillow cases are so smart they have a pocket so the fabric doesnt hang). But they only have 2 so we grabbed more pillow cases from wallmart for 19.99. Also from amazon was the super soft down comforter and cover for only 23.99. Then to top off the white theme with a great accent, we purchased this fleece blanket from walmart for only 10.00.

bedroom makeover

It just goes to show you that slight alterations can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your room.

The Bed Setup Links

GreyLabel Gray Fleece Blanket [Queen]1$16.97
LinenSpa Goose Down Comforter [Full]1$39.99
BedDecor Solid White, Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover (600TC) [Queen]1$47.00
LACK Wall Shelf2$9.99
RANARP Wall/Clamp Spotlight2$29.99
MALM High Bed Frame (Full, 4 Storage, Black/Brown, Luröy)1$329.50
RIBBA Frame Black 61 x 91 cm1$24.99
SleepingCloud Dark Grey, Four Piece Sheet Set (1500TC) [Full]1$23.49
Mainstays Easy Care Pillowcase Set (Queen, White)2$10.97

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