Real-Life Money Guide

  • Post last modified:November 30, 2019
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Money is stressful. It may feel like we never have enough. We don't know if we can pay our bills. Or we might ignore our debt entirely. Here is what to do.

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How An Hourly Planner Saves Your Budget

How An Hourly Planner Saves Your Budget

Whether you’re a student, a member of the workforce or about to retire. Keeping track of your finances are key. There’s something about our spending habits that makes going from doing financially “okay” to being overwhelmed by big credit card bills we can barely afford to pay off happen in a couple of blinks. Your spending habits are always subject to change but they are the most vulnerable during an income change (increase or decrease), because of a psychological term called “Lifestyle Creep”. I can delve into the issue at a more detailed level if you want (DM, Email or comment to lmk) but for now I just want to focus on an action you can take for your budget. (more…)

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