Before I like to purchase something I like to do a ton of research so instead of keeping that knowledge just for myself I thought what better way to share that knowledge with you! Here will be a bunch of reviews and product knowledge of random things I buy :D

What’s In My Work Bag – [My First YouTube Video]

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Currently using the Lululemon Assert Backpack 30L Black. Here’s a quick little video!

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Woo! After years and years of ruminating, brewing and contemplating about starting a youtube channel, I’ve finally done it! I know it’s awks, poorly colour corrected, and a million other things I can point wrong about it. However, it’s done and oddly it’s something that I am proud to say that I have accomplished. I’ve attempted to refilm this particular video multiple times but after editing the same video with different clips i decided to go with one of the originals because it just goes to show how much of a noob that i am. And I suppose this is my slow progress towards “The Art of Not Giving a F*ck”.


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