Dehancer Pro

Film Emulation Plugin for: FCPX, Davinci, After Effects & Premiere

Ever wanted to give your videos that dreamy, cinematic vibe?

Dehancer Pro is an all-in-one film emulation plugin that can add color, glow, and dust effects to your video to make it look like something straight out of the movies. It’s super user-friendly, works with your favorite editing software, and it’s a game-changer for taking your video editing skills to the next level.

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Dehancer Pro - All-in-One Film Emulation Plugin - Displaying Final Cut Pro X Timeline for Dylankyang YouTube Intro Sequence for Get The "DREAMY" Film Look!

3 Tips to Make Your Videos Look Like Film

Color: Figuring Out Your Look

Dehancer is not a LUT, they’ve broken down film emulation to a science and scanned real life film to build you the most accurate film profiles, so the color in your videos are as accurate as possible. 

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Glow: Understand How Film Reacts With Light

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Dust: I Guess Dehance Would Be A Better Name

I guess what makes film feel nostalgic and dreamy is that it isn’t super sharp. So it’s more than just dust we want to add, we’ll want to add; grain, film dust, scratches and hairs.

Dehancer does this really well because each placement is calculated based on the footage you’re applying it to, so it actually looks like it fits with your film rather than a random overlay

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And Other Film Stuff I didn't Even Know About

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