DJI Mini 3 Pro Review

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Hands Down The Best Drone For Beginners

This is the DJI Mini 3 Pro. Released on May 10th 2022, it’s got so many upgrades that it’s almost overwhelming. There’s three big ones; the upgraded 1/1.7″ camera sensor (gets you great image quality), tri-directional obstacle avoidance (more software features available) and the new RC Remote (don’t need to use your phone – actually so key).

There’s so many things to go over so we’ll breakdown the review into three sections

DYLANKYANG - Featured DJI Mini 3 Pro Review 1
DYLANKYANG - Featured DJI Mini 3 Pro Review 3

DJI Mini 3 Pro

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The Good

Best Beginner Friendly Drone – It’s Safe and Feature Packed!

The Mini 3 Pro is so much fun to fly and easy to learn. Especially with the new RC Remote switching between photos, videos and vertical orientation are just a button away. It’s got incredible image quality (4k60fps, 48MP) and software features (active track, course locked hyperlapses, and new cinematic quickshots). The limit is literally just your imagination

The Bad

Expensive, No Extras Included and Battery/Range?

I think all the ailments I’ve had can be resolved by practising and becoming more efficient when filming with the drone. DJI says the Mini 3 Pro has like 35 minutes of flight with the standard battery. But honestly my anxiety makes that time go by like 2 seconds lol. The few times I checked how long I’ve been flying before I get a return to home warning seemed to be like 25 min. Also there’s no propellor guard or charging cube and it just kinda sucks cause the device is already so expensive.


Practising and Planning makes Perfection

This device is fantastic, I just need more practice.

DYLANKYANG - Featured DJI Mini 3 Pro Review 5

Why Would I Want the DJI Mini 3 Pro?

Just shortly after my obsession with action cameras (Like the GoPro 10) from travel YouTubers making and whatnot. The next fun tech thing I wanted was a drone. Cause how can you make super cool cinematic shots without showing the entire landscape of where you’re travelling to? They used to be extremely expensive (they still kind are) but the software and stuff is just more accessible and in a more compact size. That it feels like it’s just about justifiable for the price point it’s at.

I tested out the Mini 2 first and enjoyed it so much that I finally committed to getting the new one when it was announced.

@dylankyang The new @dji_official Mini 3 Pro is the best drone for beginners! #drone #techreview #djimini3pro ♬ Music For a Sushi Restaurant – Harry Styles

This device has so much potential. I just needed to spend just a little more time to practice, test things out and learn the device. So hopefully to help save you guys some time I have a few notes that could help.

What Does the DJI Mini 3 Pro Have?

  • Larger 1/1.7″ Sensor

Some Quick Notes on the Mini 3 Pro

Plan Your Shots

30 Minutes Seems Like a lot but without a Plan you’re battery may die out before

When I was using the device I didn’t realize that most people just film in very short clips. And honestly, when you’re constantly worried that you;’re going to get in trouble it’s difficult to multitask or think about what you shoot. I kinda of just go into autopilot (lol punny) and hope for the best.

Use the Features (Mastershots is an efficient flight route)

I know it’s mainly made so you can do a quick upload. but it’s actually pretty clutch to do first so that you have the bare essentials before you use up all your batter.

Learn Photography/Videography

The flat profile is key for editing but make sure you know the settings to make sure it’s usable

D-Cinelike is the DJI flat colour profile that makes your footage open to so many different types of edits. I dunno if it’s 8-bit or 10-bit but I’m pretty sure it’s 10. I’ll have to check in on that later.

RC Remote

No Live Preview While Recording and No Apple Watch Support

Another thing that had me slightly disappointed was that I didn’t realize there wasn’t an Apple Watch app and that the iPhone app didn’t allow for live preview while we were filming. So it was really difficult for me to figure out if the footage was being recorded.

Also, I think because we were indoors and in low light, the footage wasn’t the best. So outdoor is a lot better and 4k is insane cause we don’t usually shoot in 4k. So this was fun to edit. I’d also recommend filming in a flat profile because the regular colours of the GoPro just seem a little off.

Other Notes

Get Good SD Cards

What I learned from testing out the GoPro was that SD cards have more numbers now. I didn’t realize how outdated my knowledge was getting cause we haven’t progressed from shooting in 1080 cause I haven’t seen the need. But in order to shoot in higher quality, you obviously need higher speeds and the higher speeds have gotten really high I’ve just been buying sd cards whenever they were on sale but there are specific numbers you’re looking for. specifically for 4k footage, you want a minimum of u30. Which basically means you can get a speed of 30mbs.

DYLANKYANG - Featured DJI Mini 3 Pro Review 7

DYLANKYANG - Featured DJI Mini 3 Pro Review 9

DJI Mini 3 Pro Tech Specs

  • 1/1.3″ Sensor
  • Intelligent Life Battery
  • RC Remote


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