The 30 Day Challenge

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Back At it Again

So this isn’t the first time I’ve written something about this. Clearly it didn’t really work out. The most common mistake for challenges like “the 30 day challenge” or “the 100 day challenge” is that you usually say “This time will be different”. Because tendencies are; is you only think it will be but you haven’t taken an avid action to make a different approach. I can’t necessarily say that I truly am taking different approach but a poor attempt is better than no attempt.

another 30 day challenge

Also the likely hood of anyone reading this blog is low, this is more so just for myself documentation or some future employer to really see how poorly I write lol. Nonetheless lets try to explain the motivation behind all this.

A long backstory of my struggles

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So if you can’t tell from what I’ve written about. Mans are hella depressed. and for some reason he way i grew up; whether it’s my neighbourhood, being a dude, or just some messed up way that I think. I’ve always pushed the word “depression” to the side as a mental illness that is (I suppose just in my head?). But anyways in undergrad I actually took an attempt to put work against it; I went on meds, talk to a therapist, started to workout, developed a morning routine, studied what depression  was, trained myself in cognital behaviour therapy and practiced mindfulness. and man did those things help. They were amazing!

But for some odd reason once I started to work full-time I lost myself again. I began to question my purpose of life and when I let my head roam to much each of those things fell apart one by one. My favourite excuse is that I was insured so it was okay to let those things slide because I was feeling “fine”. Well not that I left my job because I also blamed that for my unhappiness and started to pursue a venture that I did enjoy (Limitless Planner). I thought that everything would change….

Lol well little surprise. It didn’t. And sure enough, if you look at the science of it all why would it? Depression is literally a chemical imbalance in your brain. So magical shifts within your life can’t magically make a difference overnight. It’s like building a castle. you need to work on that sh!t everyday. if you loaft you can’t expect it to just magically appear overnight. So my biggest fault is assuming that all this stuff works as a switch. it really doesn’t it something you let crumble or something you build upon.


So let’s get to it i guess.

What is my plan of action to get out of this rut?

Well doing the 30 day challenge is a great opportunity to use the tool that I created (Limitless Planner). I think that with the lack of self-confidence and low moods the main focus is to develop habits that would train the skills that would make me feel better. Immediately I can think of 5 areas/facets of my life that need some serious work.


  • I’m hella skinny, always been. And I believe I can attribute a quite large portion of this being the roots of my low self-esteem. So putting this out there is a huge step so any action to develop a better body should boost the self-confidence


  • I had horrible acne and used a bunch of products that prolly messed up a lot of the pH balance of my skin so even though a lot of dermatologists say its nota  true factor. In my mind, science based my diet should have a huge effect. So slight changes in my diet have made difference before if I develop a constant habit I believe I would see a change. If not i mean my body would benefit from attempting to be healthier


  • Clearly if you’ve made it this far into the blog post you can see how poorly I string my words together. My grammar, colloquial language, sentence structure and everything is really poop. So if I make a consistent effort daily it should help make it better? lol

Mental Health:

  • I used to be a huge fan of CBT as well as mindfulness but I dropped that. Not sure when that happened but it did. So by taking an effort on try to study it again should help my mental health but I enjoy learning skills and practicing to become better at things. lol horrible sentence but hopefully you get what I mean


  • I need money. Have no job anymore. I’m truly unemployed because even my venture I get no money until October 1st and clearly its not enough right now. So I need to hustle.

Now sure the best way to approach a task like the 30 day challenge is to focus on one thing at a time. But I’ve never been one for following the rules and I’m pretty sure I have a struggle with attention spans so thats why I picked 5. Here’s my minimum action items that I’m going to be completing for the next 30 days. lol wish me luck

whats the plan for the 30 day challenge

30 Day Challenge Habits

  1. 50 push ups a day
  2. 4 cups of water a day
  3. Put up a blog post a day
  4. Read one page of Mind Over Mood a day
  5. Tell one person about Limitless

Lol I mean Im unemployed so this shouldn’t be too difficult.

Let’s Go!

The Last Failed Attempt:

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