Full Review For The OnePlus 5 [Video and Thoughts]

My Full Review on The OnePlus 5

Oh man, the OnePlus 5. So when I was trying to purchase this phone I had a bit of a freak out. So much internet $h!t talking and spec comparisons made me resent even thinking about purchasing this phone. But now that it’s been about a month since I’ve had the OnePlus5 and with the hype/shit talking dust settled I’ve been able to come to my conclusion…

I really like this phone.

I’m writing this for those of you who might be like me. If you’re thinking about purchasing the OnePlus 5 but are: hesitant because of the mixed reviews, need a phone on a budget but don’t know what to get, or just need a new phone in general. I’m trying to knock out that indecisiveness that you might have. And let you know, you can’t really go wrong with the phone.

A Summary

I’ve gone through an endless amount of research so that I could feel calm and satisfied with my purchase so hopefully, you don’t have to. This is what I’ve come up with:

  • The OnePlus 5 is a really good phone at a fairly decent price (I’d say competitive to Major flagship phones) → Supposedly the LG G6 also does a good job but I haven’t done research on it or the $$ to buy another phone so if you have it let me know how the phone has been for you!
  • You’re getting a really quick phone with enough storage that could last you years
  • The operating system is smooth and you don’t have bloatware (near stock Android/no unnecessary apps)
    • They’ve thought about a lot of things that make your everyday life easier (gestures, fingerprint scanner, scrolling screenshots, things you don’t think you’ll need till you have them)
  • If you live in North America (not sure about other countries) and have even had the slightest thought or desire to purchase it, just buy it! There’s a 15-day no hassle return policy, so you can actually just give it a try and figure out for yourself what you think about the phone
  • Once again, OnePlus has thought of little features all over the phone that make your everyday life easier (notification slider, gestures, customizable buttons (on screen or capacitive), dash charging, fingerprint reader, reading/night mode, multitasking and just being able to access things really quickly)

So overall, I really like this phone and would recommend it to almost everyone.

If you’re still looking for more information to sway your decision, here’s my story…

My Background

Since the day that I heard about OnePlus I became a fan. OnePlus was a company dedicated to not just making a better phone but leading a movement in the industry. Building technology directly with users at a budget price. It was everything I hoped for in a tech company. But in all honesty, OnePlus has been under a lot of fire recently and to be completely honest I think I’ve lost the passion and praise I had for the company in the beginning. But putting the fire and spite aside, though I don’t agree with their current “morals”, I’m still a fan of the meaning behind the company.
Anyways, getting to the point. I was extremely excited for the launch of the OnePlus 5. I’ve been following all the rumors, tried to find all the leaks and learn as much as I could about the phone. Reason being is that I’ve always wanted a OnePlus phone and almost as if it were a sign in January my phone started to give out (Samsung Galaxy S4) so this was a perfect opportunity for me to get a new one. But be mindful, I’m still hit with the broke wave so anything that is budget friendly is friendly to me. That’s why this phone was something I really wanted. So I saved up all the monies. And, nonetheless, launch day rolls around…


[showhide type=”post” more_text=”More on the story of indecisiveness…” less_text=”Stop this…”]
The hype caught me. Running with adrenaline I got the early-code.
‘Clearer Photos’. Type that in. 64 or 128? Easy decision. Cop the 128 GB phone. Put it in the basket. See 30% off on the welcome bundle. Toss that in. See a dash charger. Dash that in. That’s everything? Yea. Get ready to check out. Fill in the info. See the total price… 900?!?!?!?!? What the heck? How is it already that much money? When the first OnePlus One came out it was like only 400! … Wait… Cancel? … Nah. Research time? Sure. 10 minutes later. Okay let’s just buy it they have a 30-day no hassle return policy. Easy. Let’s go through with it. Check total. Make sure credit card has limit space. Take out credit card. Press check out. Wait for loading screen. SOLD OUT! What? Already? OMG the welcome bundles sold out. What do I do? Refresh site. ‘Clearer Photos’. 128. Case. Sold-out. Ugh. Dash Charger? Good. Okay. 835? Okay I guess that’s better. Put order in. Checkout. Purchase. Credit card info. Buy. … omg. I can’t believe I just spent that much money… Talk to friends with the older OnePlus. Feel better.
“Just make sure you get the insurance I’ve broken my screen like twice already and they’ve been super helpful in fixing it”.
Noooooo! I didn’t grab the insurance! Do research. Ahhh you can’t buy the insurance after! What do I do? See if I can purchase again and cancel current order. Nooo! 128 is sold out?! Ahh. What do I do? Ugh. Hopefully, it doesn’t break. Freak out for about an hour. Try to calm down through talking to other OnePlus users. Check back. Back in stock? What? Impulse buy. Second purchase of phone. Buy insurance. Spend 1100. Ahh what? I don’t even know if I can return the first one. Try to return. Freak out. Wait. Paypal money comes back. Phew! wait. Oh no. I just spent more money. Why did I buy insurance? Distract myself through YouTube videos. OnePlus is a great phone! Watched one bad review. Nooo, this is the worst purchase. Calm down by writing a post on Reddit. The influx of comments! I’m not the only one that feels this way. This is the point where I realized that all the hype around OP5 actually cause a lot of uncertainty and confusion around the launch date, this oddly made me feel better. I realized that I just need to settle down, do some research and make a decision. So I decide to stick with the phone and that’s where this review comes into play.
After 2 purchases. One return. Binge watch full of OnePlus 5 youtube reviews. A freak out and Reddit post later. I stuck with the phone. And a month later I honestly couldn’t be happier.
With all the full reviews floating around now you can get all the best information elsewhere so I thought I’d give you another take. Just a regular dude’s point of view. No sponsorship. No help. I bought this phone on my own and it is my one and only complete daily driver and will be probably for the next few years. So let’s get to it.

The Review

I feel like we’re at the point of technology that unless you’re in the top 10% (this is a 100% made up statistic) that only watches the finest content, needs the best equipment, etc. the differences in flagship specs are negligible that the average user might not really notice the difference so that nit picking on specs shouldn’t matter that much. But just in case you still wanna know the specs for the OnePlus 5 here are the top highlights:

  • Snapdragon 835 – Fastest processor at the lowest price tag (at this point in time)
  • 6 or 8GB RAM – The RAM is LPDDR4X and honestly its the same amount as my laptop
  • OxygenOS – OnePlus’s custom OS which is like near stock android 7.1 experience = a lot faster and less bloatware
  • Dash Charge – 50% in half an hour, and full charge in less than an hour and a half
  • 3300 mAH Battery – Last a full day of regular usage (approx. 9+ hours)
  • Notification slider – Ring, Do Not Disturb, Silent (Super useful)
  • Fingerprint sensor – Ridiculously fast (I like tap and I don’t even see the lock screen)
  • Dual Camera – No optical image stabilization, but EIS works decently at 30fps. Bokeh is finicky but awesome when it works.
  • Price – Not super budget friendly but 500 cheaper than Google, Samsung, Apple
  • Dual Sim support, Bluetooth 5, UFS 2.1 2-LANE Storage

So as for everyday usage, this phone is blessed. But if you’re still questioning every aspect of the phone I’ll try to take you through the ones that caused the major freakouts I had.

I Want An Amazing Camera

Truthfully how many photos do you take? And how often do you look at them? How often do you post on social media? And if your need for an amazing camera an absolute necessity?

For me, I wanted a really nice camera so if OnePlus was delivering I was ready to take them up on it. But you need to know that they’re really good at marketing so I needed to see the results for myself. There were a lot of reviews poopin’ on the camera quality but I feel like once you hit a certain line/threshold the rest becomes a personal preference so I watched a bunch of videos https://youtu.be/mXRh6zoDVX4 https://youtu.be/LInflBKFS-k https://youtu.be/SMI2uMpzKUA and tried to come to my own conclusion. The best resource I found was the gsmarena website because actually compares all that photos for you here (OP5 v iPhone 7 Plus v Pixel): http://www.gsmarena.com/piccmp.php3?idType=4&idPhone1=8647&idPhone2=8065&idPhone3=8345.

I think as for personal preferences I like how the iPhone deals with photos the best but since I’m on the broke wave the price tag doesn’t agree with my wallet and for what the OnePlus does that’s all i need for my photo usages, and I’m fine with that. (lol so much for never settle).

* OxygenOS 4.5.7 Update included EIS for 4K, it’s decent now. Hopefully, somebody will do a comparison for it. But if you want me to do a review I can just lemme know.

Basic Camera Specs:
* 4K resolution video at 30fps
* 1080P resolution video at 60fps/ 30fps
* 720P resolution video at 30fps
* Slow Motion: 720p videos at 120fps
More Specs: https://oneplus.net/ca_en/5/specs

I Want An Affordable Phone

The best bang for your buck is always to get a used phone. But I’ve had a few incidents where I got the worse-end of the deal and just for once wanted to buy a brand new phone. So the OnePlus was something I was willing to cough up money for.
Is the OnePlus 5 the best budget phone? Honestly, I have no idea, I don’t have the money to do try out all the phones. I definitely don’t want to sign up for a new 2-year phone contract so I need to buy a phone outright. If I’m avoiding used phones right now I need to purchase new. But if I’m going to purchase something brand new I want it to have a strong fan base because that usually means a decent customer support team so my thoughts were Apple, Samsung, Google or OnePlus. And the only ones that agreed with my pocket were Samsung and OnePlus. And if I could save a few hundred bucks while I could try something new especially since I’ve grown a detest for my old phone (Samsung Galaxy S4) lol, I’m game. Not to mention I really don’t like Samsung bloatware and I just kinda wanted a phone I didn’t have to root. So for all the specs and the lower price point, I think that the OnePlus was a great deal.

Canadian Prices After Tax:
iPhone 7 Plus 128 GB: $1,332.27
Google Pixel XL 128 GB: $1,332.27
Samsung Galaxy S8+ 64 GB: $1,259.95
OnePlus 5 128 GB: $812.47

*Note I live in Canada so everything is a bit pricier and we don’t get the awesome deals to save like there are in the states. Not sure if that would have changed my mind but if you can get a credit to exchange your phone that’s a pretty good deal and might take some extra thinking.
**Also, I think from the reviews I’ve read I don’t know if the OnePlus 5 works for Verizon so check that if you’re from the states.

I Want A Good Experience

OnePlus has grown as a company so they’re starting to think of all the little things you go through as a customer. Their customer experience is a lot better now. Shipping has become faster and they can offer satisfaction guarantees. This is what allowed me to make my decision to purchase the phone because if I didn’t like it i could return it within 15-days “hassle free”

Do I Need The Accidental Warranty?

How often have you broken your phone? How much money do you have? If your phone broke would you: Fix it yourself? Pay someone to fix it? Buy a new phone?

When I first bought the phone I didn’t get one. After I spoke with my friend I returned the phone and purchased another one with the warranty. After talking to Reddit I canceled my warranty for a full refund. To make my decision I asked myself 3 questions:

How often have I broken my phones?
For the past 3-4 phones I’ve had I’ve either slightly broken the screen once or never. So the likelihood of me breaking another phone isn’t likely (*Knock on wood*)

How much money do you have?
I’m struggling still

If my phone broke what would I do?
I’d try to fix it for myself or go to a sketchy shop to see if they can fix it and it’ll be cheaper than the warranty.
That’s what sealed the deal, I can attempt to fix it or pay someone to fix it for cheaper than purchasing the warranty so I decided to cancel. If you’re not tech savvy/don’t want to take the risk of fixing it yourself, getting the warranty is just peace of mind. And if you’re at peace then I’d say it’s worth the money. Good experiences https://forums.oneplus.net/threads/oneplus-5-screen-replacement.570943/

Cost breakdown:

Warranty: $185 + $125 Deductible (Per Repair) = $310+
Screen Repairs: ~$170 (Self) or ~$200 (Sketchy Shop)
Actually so come to think of it, as a regular user that likely cracks your screen I’d recommend you get the warranty lol because screen replacement isn’t for the faint of heart. I guess an important note to know is that I’m a tinkerer. So you should be okay with the possibility of you destroying your phone (Repair Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCe-QCgZ0VQ). If all those check marks are cool with you or you just simply haven’t broken your phone ever you should be okay without the warranty. But if you’re a clutz like I am but don’t like cases it might be a good idea to get the warranty.
Also for other peace of mind (Thanks to /u/HellsoulSama) know that most major credit cards give you an additional year of manufacturer’s warranty.
Sorry for the load of information so basically to summarize:

    • If you have a history of breaking your screen or getting water damage a lot. GET THE WARRANTY
    • If you don’t, don’t get it and SAVE SOME MUNZ ($185 CAD)
    • Also, pay with your credit card for peace of mind to extend your manufacturer’s warranty to two years

More Reddit Details if you want to read more about warranty

The optional warranty is to give yourself added protection. It’s provided by Assurant an insurance company that’ll protect you from ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE. This is pretty much how my friend convinced me. If sh*t goes down they’ll send you out a replacement device and then you return yours.
Here’s the catch cuz I’m hella lazy to read. I think that every time you claim something you need to pay a $125 fee. They call it a “deductible?”. Keep in mind this is my attempt at skimming/reading so I’ll put in the links at the bottom, in the case I missed some big information.

Bullet Points To Avoid An Essay:

  • You automatically get a Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty for 1 year (which covers MECHANICAL/ELECTRICAL BREAKDOWN)
  • Most major credit cards offer a purchase protection which extends the above warranty for another year (Check to see if you CC gives you that) [Credits to: /u/HellsoulSama ]
  • On-Guard By Assurant is for ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE for 2 years (Also provides unlimited mechanical/electrical breakdown coverage [Manufacturer’s Warranty] for that duration)
  • HOWEVER, you are limited to TWO ACCIDENT CLAIMS in your two years. As well as pay a “deductible?” ($125 USD) for each claim. (This I don’t know if I’ve read properly but I think I’m right)

Decision-Making Time:

My Choice After All This

Lol, thanks for sticking through with me for this long ass read. But I’m keeping my warranty till I can play around with the OP5. I will most likely be canceling the warranty. If it doesn’t feel as slippery as the iPhone I’ll cancel within the 30 days. Paying a deductible seems stupid to me, especially since you’re already paying for a warranty why do you need a deductible? But if I can forsee myself breaking this phone I’m keeping it. My suggestion? If your country lets you get a full refund, just buy it and make up your mind later. They seem to have thought about this the entire process (Great marketing move bc ppl are too lazy to do refunds, but also great for ppl like me being extremely indecisive about this phone)

Extra Features

No Waterproofing – Honestly I don’t jump into pools with my phone and I haven’t experienced my own water damaged phone yet (*Knock on wood*) so I don’t think it’s a necessity.
No Wireless Charging – I’m coming from a Samsung Galaxy S4 so a battery that lasts more than 3 hours is good enough for me lol. And man dash charging is making my life so much easier! If I can get a 50-60% charge in 30 minutes I’m pretty much good for the whole day as long as I’m not playing too many games.
Anything Else You Can Think Of? – I’m trying to think of other things people hated on but can’t really think of right now. If there were other things that you were questioning let me know, I’ll give you my first-hand experience or do more research and let you know what I find.
Note: I think for most of the major issues they’ve released OS updates for, and I can only assume that they will be continually working on pushing more updates as time goes on.


I really like the OnePlus 5 lol. So I just wanted to let you know that. I just hope I can help anyone that was indecisive or regretful for their purchase from all the negative talk. It’s a dope phone. Worth the money, and if I had to do it again I’d hope I could do it without the constant second guessing myself. I just hope I can help. If you got any questions just hit me up and I’ll respond as soon as I can. See you 🙂

My Links

I Made A Non-Spec Based Review: http://bit.ly/dky_OP5Review
Get $30 Off Accessories When You Buy OP5: http://bit.ly/dky_OnePlus

Things I Bought:

  • One Plus 5 Case Bundle (Black headphones, Case)
  • Dash Car Charger
  • 128 GB OP5




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