The Goal To Create More Content

NTS: The Goal of Creating More Content

This is just a Note To Myself

But I thought it’d be nice for other people to pree into my frustrations. Just in case you experience the same type of thing just know
you’re not alone! 
LOL. Also, I just keep all this shit in my head and that’s probably not a good thing. So I’ll share 😀

So What’s Poppin?

I think one of my main issues of pushing my own content is my fear of failure. Thought about it on the bus today and came to a possible conclusion that I think too much and don’t act on any of my ideas enough. I kept asking why I don’t write blog posts. why I made two youtube videos wrote a million ideas and then didn’t film anything. Why did I work day and night on my secret project and the moment I announced it to the world I was working on something I stopped. I mean none of the things I did make any sense yet they happened. Also what I’m typing doesn’t make sense but I’ve come to the goal that I will write and post at least 250 words at least every other day.

The Goal:

“Write and post  250 words at least every other day”

content, creating, blog, lol

I know that there’s probably nobody reading this right now but if anybody ever does, they’ll know that struggling is normal. And we all just need to figure out how to get out. There are no blueprints, there’s no guides or tutorials so I’m going by the tried and true method of trial and error. There’s not much point to this post other than a declaration of myself forcing myself to create content every day. I probably just hit 200 right now but I feel like that’s a cop-out so let’s make an example/exercise out of my makeshift mind.

My Thought Process

Situation: Frustration, angry and upset about life and not working on my projects

Analysis: I have big goals and dreams, but due to a currently unknown factor I have halted all actions or tasks that bring me closer towards my goals. As a result I begin feeling bummed out about the situation and it begins to snowball. Negative feelings as well as seeing little progression de-motivates myself to do anything else, and so it repeats.

It seems that the emotions are driven by the thought that I lack progress in life and in progress

Solution: Since there are many projects, goals, and things going on in life. It’s a good idea to list everything that is going through my mind (Brain Dump) and then see if I had to choose only one to have accomplished in this week/month/year what would it be?


I think because of my job I feel as if I’m losing my creativity and the ability to create so I think by writing every day, it will hopefully get me to use my brain a little more. And most of all hopefully make my posts a little bit easier to read. (Sorry to subject you to my horrible writing). But I mean I guess that’s the play by play of how I came to this idea today. Well I mean I do this all the time but today is the first day I actually did something about it and I feel better for it.




Let me know if any of that was readable and if there’s anything else you contemplate about so we can chat about it. If not here’s the


I’m cheesed about everything that’s going on in my life so I analyzed it by doing these 3 steps

  1. Situation: Tried to define what I was feeling and what I was upset about
  2. Analysis: Tried to dig deeper to find common similarities in my frustrations
  3. Solution: By determining a common factor I looked for a small win I could complete every day to hopefully achieve my goals and remedy the frustration.

That’s about it. Thanks, I’ll see you guys in the next one!

BTW: Morning Routine Update [2017/05/25]

  • Waking up at 6AM right now
  • Been able to work out in the morning
  • Still feel tiyad though
  • And staying up past 11PM makes me a poopy person the day after

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Morning Person Guide

6 Steps That Help

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