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GoPro Hero 10 Full Review

This is the GoPro Hero 10. Released in September 2021, it’s got their latest tech with a brand new processor that has twice the performance, shoots 5.3k60fps, got this really cool horizontal leveliing thing and can shoot up to 240fps (at 2.7k) for some really cool slo-mo shots! I also just found out they released an accessory called the Volta that makes it even more of an all-in-one production powerhouse for creators!

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DYLANKYANG - Featured GoPro Hero 10 Review | All A Creator Needs? 3
DYLANKYANG - Featured GoPro Hero 10 Review | All A Creator Needs? 5

GoPro Hero10 Black

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Good

An Awesome, Feature-Packed GoPro

The Hero10 is so much fun to film with. Choosing from photos, time-lapses and videos the content you can create is LIMITLESS!!! It’s super compact, easy to use and pushes out higher quality media than my computer can handle. With so many features like; lens perspectives, high frame rates and stabilization options you’re bound to create something awesome!

The Bad

Low Battery, Overheating and Am I Recording?

I think all the ailments can be resolved by actually learning the device. I just experienced some overheating and dying battery cause I was filming indoors and really high frame rates. But I suppose this would be something to keep a note of. At 4k120fps you’re looking at 40 mins of footage on a single battery which isn’t terrible. Although it can get pretty pricey after you add on all the accessories I’d probably want.


Practising and Planning makes Perfection

This device is amazing, I just didn’t give it enough time. If I wasn’t trying to be financially wise this would be an awesome device to keep. But since I’m not creating enough content, I can’t justify my purchase of keeping it. If we start travelling more and I start posting more then maybe I’ll revisit purchasing the GoPro Hero 10 again cause I’m really liking the benefits you get from the GoPro Subscription. And with the Volta ($CAD), it kinda negates “The Bad”.

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Why Would I Want the GoPro Hero 10?

I’ve always wanted an action cam since the days of travel YouTubers making super cool cinematic shots and whatnot. So when we were presented with the opportunity to run an obstacle course I thought what better way to film it than with an action cam! I just thought I could run a gun and not read the instructions cause I hate spending time to do that. But maaaaaaannnnnnn, I really should have taken some more time to learn the device because not much of my footage was usable lol…

That being said, this device has so much potential (it’s really powerful with that GP2 processor). I just needed to spend just a little more time to practice, test things out and learn the device. So hopefully to help save you guys some time I have a few notes that could help.

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What Does the GoPro Hero 10 Have?

  • new revolutionary GP2 processor (faster, prettier, stronger)
  • can shoot beautifully from 1080p at 240fps to 5.3k at 60fps (really crispy slo-mo footage)
  • better low-light performance for videos and 23MP pictures
  • horizon levelling and HyperSmooth 4.0 for insanely stable shots
  • water repellent lens (no licking required)
  • and an amazing subscription that handles (warranty, unlimited cloud and edits!)
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Some Quick Notes on the GoPro 10

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Prevent GoPro From Overheating

Turn Your Front View Display On All the Time to Avoid Accidentally Long Videos

When I was using the device I didn’t realize that most people just film in very short clips. And honestly, when you’re like doing something “active” I’m like the worst multitasker so sometimes I wasn’t sure when the device was on.

DYLANKYANG - Featured GoPro Hero 10 Review | All A Creator Needs? 15
or Just Plan Your GoPro Shots

I thought I’d be able to tell by looking at the screen but it seems to turn off when it overheats or when it’s low battery, which is good cause I mean I’m pretty sure it still recorded things I just literally had no idea when that was happening.

DYLANKYANG - Featured GoPro Hero 10 Review | All A Creator Needs? 17

GoPro Hero 10 Battery Life

The battery is listed at 70 minutes, but I think it overheats before that. it is made more for outdoors so obstacle course is a nono. Just time your recordings because the footage does look really good when the lighting is right.

DYLANKYANG - Featured GoPro Hero 10 Review | All A Creator Needs? 19

Quik App Issues

No Live Preview While Recording and No Apple Watch Support

Another thing that had me slightly disappointed was that I didn’t realize there wasn’t an Apple Watch app and that the iPhone app didn’t allow for live preview while we were filming. So it was really difficult for me to figure out if the footage was being recorded.

Also, I think because we were indoors and in low light, the footage wasn’t the best. So outdoor is a lot better and 4k is insane cause we don’t usually shoot in 4k. So this was fun to edit. I’d also recommend filming in a flat profile because the regular colours of the GoPro just seem a little off.

DYLANKYANG - Featured GoPro Hero 10 Review | All A Creator Needs? 21

Interesting Colours

Film in flat to avoid high contrast and saturation footage. Maybe it’s because I transitioned into an iPhone user I just like those colours better. So to get the right colour you want I didn’t realize that I should have filmed in a flat. And I should probably be doing that for a lot more things. I just kinda like the least effort approach of dragging and dropping but I have now realized that I like colours more?

What else. This battery door cover is actually really difficult for me to open and close. I’m sure it’s not as difficult as I am making it lol but i struggle hard.

Other Notes

Get Good SD Cards for Your GoPro

Also, I learned that SD cards have more numbers now. I didn’t realize how outdated my knowledge was getting cause we haven’t progressed from shooting in 1080 cause I haven’t seen the need. But in order to shoot in higher quality, you obviously need higher speeds and the higher speeds have gotten really high I’ve just been buying sd cards whenever they were on sale but there are specific numbers you’re looking for. specifically for this GoPro, you want a minimum of u30. Which basically means you can get a speed of 30mbs.

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GoPro Hero 10’s Voice Commands are Clutch

It has voice commands which are pretty cool but it doesn’t work for different video settings it’s mainly just to record, and switch between timelapse or photos.

Get The GoPro Mods

Need a media mod to add a mic, but built-in is nicer than the mod and to use a diff mic is expensive and bulky.

image stabilization is fire

hydrophobic glass should be clutch for travels. Apparently, you can just swap lenses and add to your older 9 if you have one

it seems so much more responsive. I’ve never owned an older GoPro except for one time when we got one from shoppers but it just kept dying so we had to return it. but from my slim experience from using others, it is a lot faster

GoPro seems to overheat when charging

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GoPro Hero10 Black Tech Specs

  • GP2 Chip
  • Built-In Action Cam Mounting Fingers
  • Voice Control
  • Presets + On-Screen Shortcuts
  • Rugged + Waterproof to 33ft (10m)
  • 8x Slo-Mo
  • Rechargeable Battery (1720mAh Lithium-Ion)
  • Digital Lenses (SuperView, Wide, Linear + Horizon Leveling, Linear, Narrow)
  • HyperSmooth 4.0 Video Stabilization
  • TimeWarp 3.0 Video
  • Video 5.3K60, 4K120 + 2.7K240 Wide FOV
  • 23MP Photo SuperPhoto + Improved HDR
  • Webcam/Live Streaming in 1080p
  • HERO10 Black Camera
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Curved Adhesive Mount
  • Mounting Buckle
  • USB-C Cable
  • Thumb Screw
  • Camera Case


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