How To Add Drives To Your NAS (Synology DS918+)

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Honestly, I’ve become so overwhelmed with all the information on this device I feel like I need to write down what’s happening to make sure I’m doing things right.

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NAS Synology DS918+

We picked this NAS because we knew we needed more storage but our money didn’t catch up yet. So this provides the option to upgrade storage which we’re doing today. There’s a new one out so here’s how the prices compare at the moment:

DS918+ ~$770CAD

DS920+ ~$790CAD

Right now, we’ve somehow killed 4TB of cloud storage so I need to figure out how to add more drives to the NAS so I can have more storage. Searching the internet we find that this is called:

How To Add Drives and Expand the Storage Pool Capacity

Reference: Synology

Synology honestly has some pretty good documentation and you can go through the whole process with this. But I just like to make sure I check other blogs and things to troubleshoot and see what issues can happen if I do something wrong.

Step One: Check Your RAID Configuration

First off, you can only really add drives if you setup your NAS to take in drives in the future. The RAID configurations that allow that are:

  • JBOD
  • RAID 5
  • RAID 6
  • RAID F1
  • A Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR) consisting of at least 2 drives

Thankfully, with my minimal reading prior to set-up we chose SHR because it seemed the least stress and had the option to add drives in the future.

Step Two: Check Your NAS Hard-drives

For the SHR setup the drives you’re adding need to be equal to or larger than the drives you currently have in your NAS. Thank god I didn’t spend too much money off the bat, because I installed 4TB which means the minimum drive I could install would be a 4TB. But if your was like 10TB that’s bare money fam.

Next you gotta check if your drives are healthy, mine were fine so I kept going.

Step Three: Go For It

  1. Turn off your NAS (Synology DS918+)
  2. Take our the empty slots and release the side tabs
  3. Install your drives into the hard drive slots and secure the side tabs
  4. Put them into your NAS Unit (Synology DS918+)
  5. Power On
  6. Login to your NAS and Launch Storage Manger
  7. Go to the Storage Pool page and select the storage pool you want to expand.
  8. Click Add Drive from the Action drop-down menu.
  9. Select the drives and press finish

That’s pretty much the whole proccess. Synology should take care of the rest and all you gotta do is wait. I think it takes awhile especially when they’re larger drives so just llow it to happen and come back later.

Things I want to Figure out in the future

How To Edit On Synology NAS


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