I’ve always wanted to work on cars but got intimidated cause it cost a lot of money and I had no idea what I was doing. But now with YouTube I feel like we can learn some skills so let’s figure out how to adult.

How The HECK Do We Change a Tire

Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to do them yet but I want to put my research up here anyways.

How to change a tire | Wheel chock

Step One: Secure the opposite rear Tires

My brother-in-law usually just sticks a brick or piece of wood on the opposite back tire that we’re  lifting.

How to change a tire | Dylankyang jack up car

Step Two: Jack up the car

This the part I’m scared to do myself because if you mess this up you can mess up your car. Chris Fixit explains it really well which is why I linked his video but I need to know where to jack up my car so i checked my manual. 

DYLANKYANG - Random Thoughts How To Change A Tire 9
How to change a tire | Dylankyang jack up car

If you have the same car: 2009 Mini Cooper I found the manual link here.

How to change a tire | Dylankyang jack up car

Step Three: Take out the lug nuts

I dunno why a bunch of videos pre loosen the lug nuts cause I don’t remember doing that with my brother-in-law so I’m probably not going to do that but I mean I dunno if it would make that much of a difference.

Apparently BMWs and Mini like to make things “safer” (or more difficult) by having a lock lug nut which means that there will be one that requires a key in order to take off the tire and thats usually in your trunk.

we use a breaker bar but chrisfixit has a sick little x tool and changed it super quick so with a “newer” car I think I’d actually be fine with that. I had no idea that changing tires weren’t that difficult so I’m actually pretty stoked.

we usually grease the brakes and add that frictionless grease but I kinda forgot to get that so I’ll have to ask what those things are and how to do it.

120Nm or 88.5lb.

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