How To Change Spark Plugs on BMW X3 | F25 N20

Tools Needed

  • 14mm 12-Point Socket
  • sparkplugs
  • ratchet
  • swivel or extension
  • e18

How To Change Spark Plugs on BMW X3

2013 BMW X3 | F25 Body N20 Engine

  1. Remove the motor/engine cover and foam
    • some just lift up
    • some are blocked by:
      • intake (flat),
      • air inlet (10mm),
      • MAF pipe
      • air sensor (t30)
      • a loom holder (6mm, t20, or t25)
  2. Should see 4 spark plug thingies (usually on the passenger side)
    • pop/lift up the covering clip on the coil pack
    • pull the connection plug by squishing side clips
    • remove by jerk and twisting the coil pack or use leverage to pull it out
  3. Grab thin wall 14mm 12-point socket (is this also 5/8″?) and swivel or 6-12in wobble extender
    • and take out the old spark plugs (x4)
    • do this slowly
  4. Compare the old and new spark plugs to see if the gap is the same
    • there’s a measuring tool to check between 18,000-28,000? (so this is prolly inches 18-28/1000in)
    • or .032mm?
  5. Put the spark plugs back (23Nm or 17ftlb)
  6. Put some di-electric grease at the end of the boot to make it easier to take out (if needed)
  7. Re-assemble everything


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