How to Listen to Audible Books on iTunes

So I love doing everything from my phone. But as I’m finally starting to write in my blog and maybe building websites again I’ve been wanting to listen to the Audible books that I’ve bought. However not being able to use the keyboard to control the audio has been a little annoying (lol I know first world problem). But if you’ve ever wondered the same thing, here it is!

So I personally use a MacBook Pro so the solution I have is with iTunes. But if you have a PC that runs Windows/Linux I’ll try to cover that later. But here it is for Apple devices!

1. Open up your Library from

Audible and iTunes

2. Find the Book you want and Press Download

press download on audible

3. Wait then open the file named like: BookNameUnabridged_ep6.aax

click on audible download

Then iTunes should pop up asking you to log into Audible

do you want to login to audible

So just put in your login information

login to audible

Then you should have a popup to activate into iTunes and then it should copy over to your library!

DYLANKYANG - Random Thoughts How to Listen to Audible Books on iTunes 1DYLANKYANG - Random Thoughts How to Listen to Audible Books on iTunes 3Audible

Wooo!! You’re good to go!


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