How To Recover From Burnout

We’ve all become tired at some point in our lives. Burnout is like that but for a longer period of time. It’s a state of mental, emotional and physical exhaustion. I’m not sure if it’s a common theme for others but personally, it makes me feel like nothing is really worth it. It may be the depression speaking but it makes you frustrated, angry and disappointed in pretty much anything that you do or anything that happens in your life.

What To Do About Burnout

I suppose because I can’t seem to pinpoint a specific reason then it sounds like its more correlated to depression rather than the common burnout. However, as you may know, my opinion is that reasoning/explanations are just a ground for you to work on. and the part I like to focus on is what we can do about it. So here is what I’ve found really useful.

“Get straight on your priorities, be willing to make sacrifices and get as much data as you can on those sacrifices”

Thomas Frank


I burned out. Here's How I Recovered [Video]

Thomas Frank [College Info Geek]

0:31 – Creatively exhausted, cynical approach to work and life.
0:50 – trapped
– pressure
2:00 – overscheduling without being able to do creative work freely
3:05 – the pressure of responsibility to support others
– felt like wasn’t efficient enough (same)
–> built on the foundation of a kernel of truth but isn’t usually the crux of the problem
4:14 – too much non-negotiable deadlines [aka overscheduling]
– cutback on the commitments
– immediately started to get ideas again, and interested in things instead of getting agitated
5:47 – I think it’s the feeling of becoming committed to cutting back that actually helped. Know that you’ll have breathing space
6:42 “The reason i felt this way is: I did not have an accurate concrete picture of everything that was going on. I just had this .. ethereal feeling that if i stopped working… then everything was going to crash and burn”
(jeezeeee….. same)
“When you realize that you need to reduce the number of commitments in your life, sit down, write them all out and see exactly what you’re going to sacrifice”
– Fear of not going to make enough to pay the team
– sit down and do the math
– Breakdown the budget and understand the real picture
8:34 “Get straight on your priorities, be willing to make sacrifices and get as much data as you can on those sacrifices”
8:43 1: Come to the realization that not every single piece of content will be the exact level that you want (ebbs and flows)
9:44 2: There’s never going to be a magical moment where you can attain enough success that you will be able to just let yourself slow down
[ ] Take your break and enjoy your life. Slow progress is good for a better life.

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