How To Change a BMW X3 Battery

Tools Needed to Change Battery

Optional Tools

Step-By-Step: How To Replace and Install BMW X3 Battery

  • check the CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) and ah – I think mine is 105 ah AGM
    • Defines the ability to start the engine in cold weather (my replacement is 950)
  • in the trunk (turn plastic knobs)
  • Remove negative terminal (10mm)
    • Optional: Wrap in a towel to prevent it from touching anything
  • Remove positive terminal (10mm under the cap in the top left corner)
  • Remove 2nd positive terminal clip(13mm in the middle)
  • remove the positive metal clip by grabbing underneath and it should loosen the other side
    • Optional: Remove 3 cable connections
  • Remove middle clamp bolts
    • 13mm at the top
    • 13mm at the bottom but needs an extender
  • Remove the 13mm bracket in the top right corner at the bottom of the battery
  • Remove vent tube
  • Reverse steps to install

Step-By-Step: How To Register New Battery

  • After the battery is replaced plug your obd reader in
  • open up bimmerlink
  • click 12v and there should be “replace battery” at the bottom
  • select your battery replacement type
    • mine is a different one so I just put the new numbers in 95 ah

I think that’s it. Let’s give it a shot!


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