lol I’m taking a break from making my “design agency” website. I’m so tired lol so I’m going to figure out how to launch Limitless better.


Step One: Pick an Affordably Reachable Niche Market

Start small, think big

  1. Which social, industry and professional groups do you belong to, have you belonged to, or do you understand, whether dentists, engineers, rock climbers, recreational cyclists, car restoration aficionados, dancers, or other?
  2. Which of the groups you identified have their own magazines?

Step Two: Brainstorm (Do Not Invest In) Products

The Main Benefit Should Be Encapsulated in One Sentence.

  • Help you set and achieve goals

It Should Cost the Customer $50–200.

  1. Higher pricing means that we can sell fewer units—and thus manage fewer customers—and fulfill our dreamlines. It’s faster.
  2. Higher pricing attracts lower-maintenance customers (better credit, fewer complaints/questions, fewer returns, etc.). It’s less headache. This is HUGE.
  3. Higher pricing also creates higher profit margins. It’s safer.”

It Should Take No More Than 3 to 4 Weeks to Manufacture.

It Should Be Fully Explainable in a Good Online FAQ.

Step Three: Micro-Test Your Products

  1. Best: Look at the competition and create a more-compelling offer on a basic one-to-three-page website (one to three hours).
  2. Test: Test the offer using short Google Adwords advertising campaigns (three hours to set up and five days of passive observation).
  3. Divest or Invest: Cut losses with losers and manufacture the winner(s) for sales rollout.

Step Four: Run It

So straight, mans got it pretty okay. I just never followed through where it counts. Step three and four, I didn’t test, and didn’t promote to push sales and that’s pretty much where it matters the most, that’s how you’re going to make money lol. Honeslty I’m not sure I agree with everything that is even said in this book exactly either because I just want to help people. I dunno man, I’m just a lost soul. lol Let’s just do something instead of loafting in my head.

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