How To Use a Radiator 101

For the life of me I have no idea how to use a radiator. Well, at least the ones we have. In theory everything should work the way you expect it to, but with our luck everything just seemed to be a little off. First our valve was extremely stuck, couldn’t turn it off and then once we did it started leaking. So here are the links that helped me figure this all our.

How to Stop a Leaking Radiator Valve

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Retired plumber and all-time life saver.

This is the kind of valve that we have and ours wouldn’t stop leaking the second I managed to get it loose. Most likely due to me turning the valve and probably making the plumbers tape loose. So thankfully all we needed to do was to tighten the bottom hex-nut and then tighten and then slightly loosen our valve and that stopped the leaking!

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