I Got Some Work To-Do | Codependency, Perfectionism and How to Set Boundaries

We blessed. I just finished a next session with my therapist/social worker (I’m not really sure what the differences are) but nonetheless, I think it went well. I’m still not sure what the purpose of therapy for depression is but I suppose it’s just to have someone to tell what the hell is going on in your head and them to be able to guide you in the direction you wanna go in.

Where the hell am I trying to go? I just want to find myself… Whatever the hell that means. But as an update I just want to stop feeling so flat. So my thought process while not the most logical till i have systems set in place is to get off my meds. I know that its better to have a plan before you jump but I guess I’ve always been a build my wings on the way down kinda guy.

So what do we need to fly?

Well it seems that one of few reoccuring things for me is something called, codependancy. Truthfully I have no idea what it means right now but my assumption on how it sounds is that I often take responsibility for things I have no control over (ie. other people’s emotions, I think I can help keep things under control and tings like wtf?). I over empathize with what people feel and can often feel more than the actual person is feeling. So while yes it’s good, if I continue to allow that to debilitize me (<- is this a word. How do you say frozen?). It like stunts my growth as a human. So my plan of action is to learn.

What is Co-Dependancy?

  • How do you set boundaries for yourself?
  • How do you remind yourself that you are not responsible for others emotions?
  • How do I stop blaming myself for everything?
  • Why am I the one that must be able to fix everything for everyone?

Ya wow, weird thought but I suppose that’s how my brain works.

Next up. Perfectionism.

I never thought myself as a perfectionist but I suppose that’s what causes me to be a perfectionist. I hate when I can do things right and often because of that I don’t do anything at all. I know it sounds really dumb but thats just how I’ve been working for this past decades. So from the last list of books. I have like ADHD or something because I couldn’t get engagesd with any of them. I think I feel like I’m wasting my time if I’m not doing anything so I copped a workbook that allows me to do “something” while I read the book. So I’ll update you on how that goes.

DYLANKYANG - Mental Wellness I Got Some Work To-Do | Codependency, Perfectionism and How to Set Boundaries 9DYLANKYANG - Mental Wellness I Got Some Work To-Do | Codependency, Perfectionism and How to Set Boundaries 11

So what else do I gotta do? Well it’s what I’ve been doing. She basically just saying to keep doing what I’m doing but I suppose the differencce is that she can bless me to keep me accountable. Cause truthfully I porlly wont; do half these things if I didn;’t know that I needed to link with her again.

So. I want to figure out:

  • What the hell makes you happy?
  • Live your life? How do you want to contribute?
  • What causes do you stand for?
  • What do you enjoy doing?
  • What are your short term goals? long term goals?
  • When you struggling to do something (workout, try something new, etc) what is that you do that “gives” you “permission” to just do it.
  • What are your limiting belief? (Inner-critic) When do they occur? and what can you say to counter act them? (There’s prolly one in this post so I’ll highlight it if I find it)
    • Instead of waiting for things to get worse so the pressure build you up to do it or you ignore it till it becomes awkward to do it. Learn to CHALLENGE THE THOUGHT. Write that shit down
  • Revel in your accomplishments


Try your best to stop shitting on yourself and if anything picks you up revel in it and try to keep the momentum going.

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