I Need to Make Money?

How Can I Make Money?

  • freelance web design
  • filmography?
  • Sell stock images?
  • make graphic tees? and sell them?
  • sell beats?
  • sell clothes
  • what else?

I need to do something. but I don’t know what to start and or do. ugghhhhh. Ideally I’d just like to focus on creating content but truthfully if I need to make money I need to do something.

Ideally I can just do what i want and worry about money later. But truthfully I have no idea what that is. So priority wise I guess i should put up things that I enjoy first like make those a habit but still have something daily I do that makes some form of income. Currently that is day trading? but I think my account got flagged or something cause my sells aren’t going thru. So I clearly need to find another hustle. I guess that’ll bring me back to the freelancing ting.

I still want to write in this blog and make youtube videos. So I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do first. I think always put passions, family and friends first because without that what is money worth? I mean that could be the broke/poor mentality but I think it is a mindful approach so let’s focus on things I like to do first and then look up at the monetary hustle. I’m privleged enough right now to go give that a shot.

23 Feb 2019

Uhhh what am I doing? I need to pay bills and tings internet, phone bills, gym, what else.

More like an existential crisis, what the hell is the meaning of life? I don’t know what the fuck I want to do and all of this seems so pointless. Like it’s hella repetitive and for what pupose? I’ve always tried to answer this questions that the purpose is set by yourself and I understand that. But I’m lost. That’s why i made my planner but because its not as big as i thought it be i think im at a stand still

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