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Updated: 16 May 2020

WTF Am I doing... Any Ideas?

As you can see… I’m a professional loafter. This may or may not be helpful but we won’t know till I try to do it so let me brain dump everything I’ve wanted to write or make a video about but I’m just constantly loafting on doing it for no apparent reason other than _ ____ _____.

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Ideas and Things I'm Going To Take Action On

My biggest problem is that I have so many “good ideas” but I’m like immobilized by myself. I want to be the best and make everything perfect. But because I run all these thoughts and things in my head I don’t ever end up doing anything. I’m not sure if that makes sense to anybody but I just freaking hate how much I can’t move. I suppose it’s really anchored around depression and self-destructive behaviour but my thoughts are those are only classification to give you a ground to stand on. Knowing that these are my default behaviours hopefully we can recognize triggers and maneuver around them.

Honestly, I don’t even know what I’m talking about so let’s just list some ideas and try to get them done. Also I need help figuring out my categories because I’ve been struggling with my about page for forever. Manz don’t know dem self.

Let's make up some categories for these ideas


books: Some Book reviews but I dunno what I want to read yet

Food Ideas

food: How to make strawberry jam

Life Notes?

life: anti-depressant drugs and what they do
books/life: depression tips to get out of ruts cause i need that
life: skincare routine and documenting my journey to find what works for me
Adulting: all the ways to cook a freaking egg
Adulting: How to do your own taxes [ontario]

WordPress Ideas and Tutorials

wordpress: how to make a website cause that all I know
websites: How to improve seo
websites: get more traffic through pinterest [tailwind]

Ideal and Hustles That Might Make Some Money

Money: How to make more money cause I feel broke
money: personal financing tips cause i feel broke
Money: Freelancing 101 cause I need a guide
business: Bookkeeping 101 for the self-employed
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Things I've Done

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