Honestly it would be nice if I could write something insightful and inspirational everyday but truthfully I’m just feeling like ?. I think I’m constantly stressed because I feel as if I’m not working towards my goals and I think that’s at the center of it all. I’m just at a loss for words.

I’m loafting on writing blog posts because I can’t portray the image of a person that’s got their stuff together. Well at least I think that’s my reasoning. Honestly I have no idea. So what are my goals got this week?

  • Post video walkthrough to plan your life/find your passion
  • Post a video on how I plan my year/month/week/day
  • Post a what’s in my bag video
  • Post a how to travel in a carry on video
  • Write a post for NYC guide
  • Write a post about how to start a blog

I think those are the main things going on in my head. I’m just hella disappointed in myself. Well I feel the disappointment but I’m trying to not let it get to my head, because honestly I’ve only been back for like 2-3 days, feel slightly ill and haven’t really sat down to do any work yet. Do just take baby steps and it’ll all be good.

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