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We all dream sometimes, but too often, too little of us are able to actually achieve anything that we want. I dislike the fact that so many of us feel stuck and lost, so I was on the hunt to figure out how the heck I could fix that. Hence I created a tool for myself called the Limitless Planner. It was all centred around 3 simple things. Do a brain dump. Plan it out. Do it. Repeat.

Inside the Limitless Planner

The main brain dump was to let your imagination flow and let yourself get used to reaching the goals you set out for yourself. I wasn’t sure how to show you how I used my Limitless Planner until I remembered one of my favourite bloggers Thomas Frank that runs the College Info Geek. And on the website he created something called the Impossible List. Taking inspiration from Jony Runyon, I also decided to create my own! He describes the difference between an Impossible List to a Bucket List and I couldn’t agree more.

Opening up the Impossible

I’ve kept mine in my Limitless Planner for some time but I don’t want our generation to be stuck in this loop of feeling inadequate, so as inspiration for you to create your own. I’ve disclosed parts of my personal life so you can start yours now too!

My Impossible List

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