How To Install a TP-Link Smart Switch (HS200)

This has been the best thing I’ve added to my Smart Home/Bedroom transition (! I know a switch doesn’t seem like much but when you’re in bed and too tired to get up this thing is a game changer!

How-to Install the TP-Link Smart Switch HS200

Time to Read: 5 Minutes Time to Install: 15-20 Minutes Things You’ll Need: 1. Smart Switch [TP-Link Smart Switch (HS200)] (~29.99-53.99) [US Link | CA Link] 2. Screwdrivers (Flat-head & Phillips) [STANLEY Screwdriver Set, 10-Piece] (~6.19-16.99) [US | CA] 3. Wire Strippers [Capri Wire Stripper and Cutter] (~12.99-14.99) [US | CA] 4. Multimeter [Tacklife VT01 Voltage Tester] (~11.97-16.87) [US | CA]

How To Install TP-Link HS200

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT an electrician!!! Follow these instructions at your own risk. If you are uncomfortable or unable to perform the actions in this video, please hire a licensed electrician.


1. Turn off circuit breaker –> Check with multimeter to make sure there is no power before touching the switch 2. Take out switch (faceplate, switch) 3. Connect neutral wires (white) 4. Connect ground wires (green or copper) 5. Connect live leads (black or red) (order doesn’t matter) 6. Screw everything back on 7. Turn circuit breaker on 8. Install TP-Link App and add your switch Disclaimer: All presented content is my own, these are my 100% honest opinions. Some affiliate links but this video is NOT sponsored!

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