Just Gotta Keep Going [2018-02-18]

So I wrote about Occam’s Protocol (The Four Hour Body) maybe 2 days ago and that thing is still on my mind (which is a good thing). But mainly because I haven’t actioned it yet (which is a bad thing). So I suppose this post is just more of a reminder to myself to make sure that I need to take action and actually do the thing I’ve been wanting todo.

I’m not quite sure what I’m so hesitant about yet. I think I’m still maybe embarassed to go to the gym? I’m not quite sure what the main reason I’m holding this off is. But nonetheless to get me into the mindstate what is itthat I would need to do if I were to attempt to achieve this tomorrow.

All I really need to do is to either follow through with workout a or b. and that truly wont take long since they are literally only two exercises each. I think it makes me feel awkward because I’ll be in the gym for like 15 minutes and out. so ideally it would benice if I could book it in the morning but that literally all depends on how waking up will go. so instead of writing how I should do it I should just get to bed and write a better versionof this tomorrow after I actually do the workout. so good night lol

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