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I’m a big advocate for efficiency, and if you’re an iPhone content creator this thing is clutch. The Comica BoomX-D wireless mic system is a great option for good audio at a decent price. I have the Comica Boom X-D MI1 (1 microphone + iphone receiver) and it’s so easy to setup cause you just plug the receiver directly into your iPhone. And the second your turn the mic on, it pairs automatically so you can start recording right away.

I like these cause you can upgrade the microphone, use a lav mic or just use the built-in. They’re super compact, adaptable for whatever scenario and has a decent battery life (~4 hours). The only caveat is that the receiver doesn’t have a screen to see what your controls are like in the regular BoomX-D. And I’d probably buy the two mic pack cause then you can podcast off the bat if you want.


📱🎤 This is a wireless mic that hooks straight up to your iPhone! If you record audio or create content with an iPhone@Dylan Yang , this is a must have. Clutch for talking head videos, podcasts, or like real estate tours lol? like a bunch of stuff. But this mic is awesome and if you don"t wanna deal with hanging dongles or OTG cables @Dylan Yang this is something u should def check out! The microphone (tx) has about a 4 hour battery life, a built-in mic (basically used this whole video) with the option to plug in the included lav mic or any other 3.5mm mic. This automatically pairs with the iPhone receiver (rx) that lets you control the gain (0-10db), record audio in mono or split to stereo (left/right tracks for 2 mics) and a headphone jack to monitor your audio (key cuz the iPhone rx [mi1] doesn’t have a screen to show what ur gain is). I have the @comica_audio BoomX-D mi1 which just means it came with 1 microphone (tx) and 1 iPhone receiver. But if I were to get it again, I’d get a 2-mic pack cuz podcasts seem fun. I’m just not sure if I’d get the iPhone one (mi2) or the regular 3.5mm (BoomX-D2) for compatibility with DSLRs/other devices. The iPhone one (mi2) just feels a lil pricey without the option to use on other devices (135USD/165CAD). That being said, we’ve mainly been filming on iPhone’s anyways. So if it streamlines yours process and makes you more productive, I say you can’t really put a price on that. But lmk what u think #needdatornah Side Note: Their naming convention is just the device it’s being used for and the number of microphones it comes with: Comica BoomX-(Device)( of mics) D2 (for DSLRs): 3.5mm receiver + 2 microphones Dmi1 (for iPhones): lightning receiver + 1 microphone Duc1 (for Android): USB-C receiver + 1 microphone BTW I updated my page so hopefully its easier to find stuff (categories n search). but i’m not too versed with UI/UX so if u got time to help, take a look and lmk if it’s intuitive enough or what you’d change to make it better on IG-profie thx! #amazonmusthaves #amazonfinds #founditonamazon #contentcreator #contentcreatortools #youtuber #wirelessmic #micreview #iphonemic

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2 Wireless Mic Receiver Options

Wireless Lav Mic (DSLR/3.5mm)

2 Wireless Mics + iPhone Receiver

2 Wireless Mics + Android/USB-C Receiver

Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Laser
Feature 1 a b c
Feature 2 d e f
Feature 3 g h i
Feature 4 j k l
Feature 5 m n o

Comica Boom-XD

A super easy wireless mic setup for iPhones without the need for cables. You can record with the built-in mic, plug in a lav mic or any other 3.5mm microphone!

Stuff You Might Want With The Comica Boom-XD