DJI Mini 3 Pro

A compact drone that can help you film some awesome clips for your travel videos

This is hands-down the best beginner drone for all types of content creators. It’s got vertical video, obstacle avoidance and object tracking! What more can you ask for?

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With Your DJI Mini 3 Pro

The Good

Best Beginner Friendly Drone – It’s Safe and Feature Packed!

The Mini 3 Pro is so much fun to fly and easy to learn. Especially with the new RC Remote switching between photos, videos and vertical orientation are just a button away. It’s got incredible image quality (4k60fps, 48MP) and software features (active track, course locked hyperlapses, and new cinematic quickshots). The limit is literally just your imagination

The Bad

Expensive, No Extras Included and Battery/Range?

I think all the ailments I’ve had can be resolved by practising and becoming more efficient when filming with the drone. DJI says the Mini 3 Pro has like 35 minutes of flight with the standard battery. But honestly my anxiety makes that time go by like 2 seconds lol. The few times I checked how long I’ve been flying before I get a return to home warning seemed to be like 25 min. Also there’s no propellor guard or charging cube and it just kinda sucks cause the device is already so expensive.


Practising and Planning makes Perfection

This device is fantastic, I just need more practice.

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