Kobo Elipsa Review - The eReader You Can Write On

Kobo Elipsa

This is a great device for people wanting some offscreen time. If you want to make notes while you read books and magazine or have some worksheets to fill out. This is an awesome pack to get you an e-ink notebook.

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A 10.3″ E-Reader with A Stylus

The second I heard about the Kobo Elipsa back in May I knew I wanted to get my hands on a device. So I reached out to Kobo to see what we could do. While this post/video isn’t sponsored, they were kind enough to lend me a loaner device in brand new packaging! Initially all I wanted to do with this device was to just make notes while I read my books because I’ve never wanted to ruin my like physical books. So having a digital book I could mark up would be a game changer. I’ve had the device for about a week now and the possibilities are endless! I can’t wait to dive into them with you.

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