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It's like carrying a 100" Screen TV in your pocket!

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Thing You Might Want With Your Nebula Capsule

An Awesome Mini Projector That Packs a Punch!

A Mini Projector with Android TV so you’ll have access to all your favourite apps, has 360 sound built in so you don’t have to carry extra things and has enough battery life to last a Netflix binge session. You can’t go wrong with it!

Upgrade your movie nights and presentations with the Nebula Capsule Mini Projector

Compact and portable, it can project on any flat surface and can keystone vertically meaning that you can tilt it up or down without distorting your image too much! It’s the size of a pop can but has a built-in speaker and a battery life that’ll last through a solid binge session.

  • Android 7.1 means you can download all your favourite subscriptions and apps
  • 4 hours of video playtime
  • Connect via HDMI, USB Port or play from your phone! (Supports Airplay, Miracast and Bluetooth)

It comes with a remote too, or you can even control it from the Nebula app.

Which Capsule Should I Buy Now?

If we were to buy again, I’d probably want to buy the Nebula Capsule 2 or 3. I’m probably liking it just because it’s newer, but I like that it has auto keystone which actually comes so clutch if you can’t have the projector line up straight against your flat surface (or if you’re limited on space). It’s still 2.5 hours of battery life in the standard mode which is decent enough to binge some tv shows. But with a brighter screen and Android 11, you can’t really go wrong.

The 2 is good cause it’s cheaper but still has a newer operating system so that’s good.


OG Capsule Capsule II Capsule 3 Laser
Price ($USD) $299.99 $579.99 $799.99
Video Battery Life 4 saver hours/2.5 standard 2.5 saver hours/2 standard 2.5 ? hours
OS/Connections Android 7.1 (HDMI,USB,Bluetooth) Android 9.0 (HDMI,USB,Chromecast) Android 11.0 (HDMI,USB,Chromecast)
Resolution/Max Size 854×480 / 100in 1280×720 / 100in 1920×1080 / 120in
Keystone & Focus Auto Vertical + Manual Focus Auto Vertical + Auto Focus (1s) Auto Vertical & Horizontal + Auto Focus (3s)


Actually thinking about it, it’s pretty expensive. Like the 3 would be $1000+ CAD and you can actually buy a good TV at that price. So the best one to get is the one that’ll fit in your budget. They all have the minimum requirements that you need for a fun, seamless projector experience. So as a college/university student, it would be fun to get the OG capsule cause it’s a little out of reach of the budget but student loans would help make your dorm experience pretty fire.

So yea, most likely this wouldn’t be your daily driver. So to get the most bang-for-your buck, stick with the original capsule to see if you’ll even use it first. Then if you want better resolutions and all that and your wallet can handle the price tag you can buyer the more expensive ones.

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