Personal Cloud

Whether you wanna backup your family photos or streamline your content workflow, I think everybody should start creating a personal cloud

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Synology DS923+ NAS - Your Personal Dropbox

It’s how you can be in control of your data without having to be stuck on a subscription plan! Whether you want to make sure you can save all your family photos or need to streamline your content creator workflow this is the tool to get you started!

The Items you'll want for your personal cloud

The Basics of a Data Storage

  • A NAS (This is what holds all your data)
  • At least 2 harddrives (you can set it up however you like – I prefer SHR)


  • A UPS (Power-generator that will tell your NAS to safely shut down so you information stays intact)
  • Network card (this can go upto 10GbE – useful for editing on the cloud, streaming videos, etc.)
  • Network switch if you wanna run ethernet through your house

Things You Might Want With Your Personal Cloud

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