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Wireless Mic

A super easy wireless mic setup for iPhones without the need for cables. You can record with the built-in mic, plug in a lav mic or any other 3.5mm microphone!

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Comica BoomX-D Wireless Microphone for iPhone

I’m a big advocate for efficiency, and if you’re an iPhone content creator this thing is clutch. The Comica BoomX-D wireless mic system is a great option for good audio at a decent price. I have the Comica Boom X-D MI1 (1 microphone + iphone receiver) and it’s so easy to setup cause you just plug the receiver directly into your iPhone. And the second your turn the mic on, it pairs automatically so you can start recording right away.

I like these cause you can upgrade the microphone, use a lav mic or just use the built-in. They’re super compact, adaptable for whatever scenario and has a decent battery life (~4 hours). The only caveat is that the receiver doesn’t have a screen to see what your controls are like in the regular BoomX-D. And I’d probably buy the two mic pack cause then you can podcast off the bat if you want.

Things You Might Want With Your Wireless Mic

Streamline vs Compatibility

I like Comica’s mics in general cause they’re affordable but still sound good. The only caveat I have about the BoomX-D is that there are so many options. You can choose between the iPhone setup like I have (MI1 or MI2), the Android wireless mics (UC1 or UC2) or with a aux cord (Comica BoomX-D1 or X-D2). Like compatibility wise it’s best to get the BoomX-D2 so you can have two wireless mics hooked up to your DSLR, iPhone or Android. But with the iPhone it just creates so much drag and resistance to make sure you have an OTG cable and like worried that it doesn’t break. So I think you really have to know what your main camera is and choose that. For me I haven’t really picked up my DSLR in a minute and always sway to using the iPhone before anything so that’s why I picked the MI1.

This is Wireless Mic System I’d buy based on

Compatibility (3.5mm): Comica BoomX-D2
iPhone (Lightning): Comica BoomX-D MI2
Android (USB-C): Comica BoomX-D UC2
but let me know what you think,

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